We have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked by parents. 

Their finances

How and when should I pay the tuition fees?

Eligible full-time or part-time UK or EU students can apply for a loan from the government to cover the full cost of the tuition fees and they won’t have to start paying it back until they are earning over a certain amount. There's information on repaying student loans on Gov.UK.

If a student is a full-time undergraduate who has chosen not to take a loan but has not set up a plan to pay in instalments, the full amount is due immediately when they register. The fee for the full year is shown on the student's registration screen. If you have other tuition queries please contact the relevant Accounts Receivable clerk.

Can bills be sent to a third party?

No, we cannot automatically issue bills to a third party. All statements are sent via email to students at their University of Leeds email address. This is because our contract is with the student and nobody else. You can gain access to financial information with their permission by requesting their PIN. Find out how students can allow a third party to contact us on their behalf.

The Student Loans Company have got my household income wrong, what should I do?

If you believe the Student Loans Company have assessed your household income incorrectly, you can request a reassessment by phone on +44 0845 300 5090.

How much should my son or daughter budget for each week?

This varies but Leeds University Union offers guidance about the typical cost of living for students in Leeds. Please visit Leeds University Union money advice pages.

Can you send me a Council Tax Exemption certificate or a Registration Confirmation Certificate for my son or daughter?

Students need to apply for their own certificates due to legislation under the Data Protection Act. Students can apply online for a Council Tax Exemption certificate or Registration Confirmation Certificate, or in person at the Student Services Centre Counter. 


What happens if my son or daughter fails any of their modules?

The students’ union website offers advice on resitting modules that have been failed. Students are advised to contact their school for any further advice. They should also contact their school as soon as possible to inform them of any mitigating circumstances they feel may have contributed to their failure.

What will my son or daughter’s contact hours be?

Contact hours vary according to the course. Some will involve more reading outside of lectures than others and others will entail lab work. Students are advised to contact their school for information on their specific course. Our students are supported in their academic and personal development through regular, structured meetings with a personal tutor throughout their time at university.

How can I find out how my son or daughter is doing academically?

UK universities are not permitted to release information about academic progress, attendance or anything else to any third party without that student's express consent. If you want to know how your son/daughter is doing at Leeds, all you can do is ask them. Students facing academic, social or personal issues can speak to their personal tutor or find out more about our support services.

Student life

What is freshers’ week?

There will be a series of induction and welcome events in the first few weeks of each academic year. Fresher's week will include fairs, with a range of information available about societies and sports clubs, and chances to meet other students. We have more than 250 societies so there are plenty of opportunities for your son or daughter to try something new. Our students' union releases further information about activities in advance of freshers’ week. Students can keep an eye on the Leeds University Union events calendar to find out more.

Are there many opportunities for part-time work in Leeds?

Joblink is an on-campus and online job centre that is part of the students’ union. It can help students looking for part-time, temporary or voluntary work. The service is for members of Leeds University Union and recent graduates.

How much part-time work would be advisable for a student alongside their studies?

Joblink’s part-time job advertisements usually indicate how many hours per week the student will be expected to work, with categories of one-to-ten hours, ten to 15 hours and 15-20 hours. Individual students should take into account their workload and other commitments when deciding whether to take on a part-time job and how many hours they would like to work.