About the International Foundation Year The International Foundation Year is a nine month programme which fully prepares international students for entry onto an undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds. The course starts in September and runs through to the middle of June.

The course is one of the oldest and most successful programmes of its type in the country. For more than 25 years we have been helping international students realise their ambition to study at the University. In this time we’ve welcomed more than 2,600 students from over 80 countries - with the vast majority going on to graduate with a University of Leeds undergraduate degree.

When you complete the programme

The International Foundation Year guarantees all students who pass with the required grades progression onto their chosen undergraduate degree programme. There’s no need to make a new application or take a new English Language test.

When you successfully complete the foundation year, you will progress onto one of more than 130 undergraduate degrees. You can see the full list of courses you are able to progress onto from each foundation year in the list below. 

What you will study

On the International Foundation Year you will study a mixture of subject-specific, English language and academic study skills content. The subject specific modules are tailored to your chosen degree to ensure that you are fully prepared for year one of your undergraduate programme.

Depending on the undergraduate degree programme you wish to progress onto, you’ll enrol onto one of our six foundation year programmes:


Within this route, students can progress onto a wide range of Arts, Communications and Social Sciences degrees. All students study the core module in Academic Study Skills in English, with additional modules selected from a range of arts and social sciences modules.


In addition to the Academic Study Skills in English core module, you will study core business modules including Foundations of Economics, Introduction to International Business, Introductory Management and Maths for Business. There are also optional modules depending on the particular degree pathway you have chosen.


In addition to the Academic Study Skills in English core module, you will study modules offered within the School of Design which will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge needed for your design degree. These will be taught by experienced Lecturers within the School of Design.


In addition to the Academic Study Skills in English core module, you will also study core Maths modules as Maths is pivotal to your future Engineering studies. You will then also study either Chemistry or Physics modules and those taking Petroleum Engineering will need to study an introductory module in Geological Sciences.

Joint Honours

In addition to the Academic Study Skills in English core module, you will be offered a combination of modules from a selection which will prepare you for the Joint Honours degree you have chosen.


In addition to the Academic Study Skills in English core module, you will study modules from two subject areas depending on your chosen future degree programme. The subject areas are in the fields of Chemistry, Web programming and technologies, Biology, Business, Maths and Physics. Those wanting to study degrees in Geological Sciences or Geophysical Sciences will need to take the introductory module in Geological Sciences.


All of your teaching will be delivered by University of Leeds academics, many of whom are internationally renowned and at the forefront of their field. From day one you will learn from inspirational academics and study alongside other talented and motivated students from across the world.

Student support

You will be given a comprehensive orientation into University life. From the moment you start your course a personal tutor will support your academic and personal development to help you get the most out of your time at Leeds. Regular meetings will help you not only do well in your studies but also become a more confident, articulate and employable graduate.


Choosing a university is also about choosing a home away from home. As an international student, you are guaranteed University accommodation for the duration of your studies and we are dedicated to helping you find accommodation that suits you.