Summer pre-sessional teaching (July–September 2021) 

During summer 2021, if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use a blended teaching method. This means that some of your study will be online with weekly live online classes and consultations. Independent study is an important element of these courses and you’ll have opportunities for face-to-face teaching or consultations on campus from August 2021. This will include at least one on-campus meeting a week with your tutors and other students.

If circumstances permit, throughout the summer there'll be opportunities to meet students on campus for social activities.

Please note that if COVID-19 restrictions change, any on-campus teaching, meetings or activities may be delivered online. 

If you’re not able to travel to the UK due to COVID-19 or travel restrictions in your country, you’ll be able to complete your pre-sessional course online.

10-week summer pre-sessional courses

If you’re studying a 10-week pre-sessional course, the first four weeks will be taught fully online. For the final six weeks of your course (from 2 August 2021) if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use the blended teaching method described previously.

6-week summer pre-sessional courses

If you’re studying a 6-week pre-sessional course, if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use the blended teaching method described previously.

Page updated: April 2021

Undergraduate pre-sessional English

2020–2021 course information

If English isn't your first language, improve your academic English level with our academic English for undergraduate studies course. How will I be taught undergraduate pre-sessional English?

Special feature: We'll help you transition successfully from high school to studying at a UK university as well as improving your academic English.

Viewing from China? Watch the undergraduate pre-sessional English video on YouKu.

You’ll develop your skills to the standard needed to study on one of the following programmes:

  • an undergraduate degree
  • the International Foundation Year
  • modules on the Exchange and Study Abroad programme
  • the Leeds International Summer School

This course is also suitable if you need to complete an academic English course as part of your undergraduate degree from your home university. 

What you will learn

You will learn using practical techniques which you can apply in your degree. You’ll use learning resources including academic articles, talks and lectures to enhance your development.

You’ll focus on improving your academic English skills in the following areas:

English language skills

  • using English for everyday communication
  • vocabulary development and grammar accuracy
  • pronunciation and spelling

Academic reading and writing

  • structuring ideas for essays and assignments
  • essay writing style
  • using academic language in writing
  • using academic references in your work
  • reading academic resources
  • using these skills to enhance your speaking and writing

Academic listening and speaking

  • getting the most out of lectures and seminars
  • practise listening to talks, lectures and other authentic materials in English
  • participating in seminars and discussions
  • practising your speaking skills with presentations

Academic skills projects

  • You’ll work on assignments which give you the opportunity to practise all the academic and communication skills you learn.
  • For example, you might be asked to conduct surveys or specific internet research which are assessed through presentations, class discussions or writing activities.

Language learning activities

We run informal group sessions like Conversation Club and Book Chat. Join these sessions to practise your English language skills.


Throughout the course you will work through a number of assessed assignments linked to your project work. This will allow you to monitor your progress and receive feedback from your tutor. At the end of term you will sit exams to test your academic writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.


Our undergraduate pre-sessional English course is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK and is taught by our team of English for Academic Purposes tutors. See contact details for our Academic Purposes tutors.


Find out how to apply for the pre-sessional undergraduate English course.