Summer pre-sessional teaching (July–September 2021)

During summer 2021, if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use a blended teaching method. This means that some of your study will be online with weekly live online classes and consultations. Independent study is an important element of these courses and you’ll have opportunities for face-to-face teaching or consultations on campus from August 2021. This will include at least one on-campus meeting a week with your tutors and other students.

If circumstances permit, throughout the summer there'll be opportunities to meet students on campus for social activities.

Please note that if COVID-19 restrictions change, any on-campus teaching, meetings or activities may be delivered online. 

If you’re not able to travel to the UK due to COVID-19 or travel restrictions in your country, you’ll be able to complete your pre-sessional course online.

10-week summer pre-sessional courses

If you’re studying a 10-week pre-sessional course, the first four weeks will be taught fully online. For the final six weeks of your course (from 2 August 2021) if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use the blended teaching method described previously.

6-week summer pre-sessional courses

If you’re studying a 6-week pre-sessional course, if COVID-19 restrictions allow, we’ll use the blended teaching method described previously.

2020-21 Teaching and example timetable for terms 1–3

You'll be taught in online classes by University teaching staff and you’ll work individually and with others. Independent study is an important element of this course, allowing you to practise your skills, deepen your knowledge and prepare for your degree. 

You'll interact with tutors and other students on the course in live sessions each week. You’ll also have dedicated time with your tutor to address questions you may have about your language and learning and you’ll get feedback about your work. 

Read some of our current students’ experiences with studying online.

Example timetable 

This is a full-time course. Live online sessions normally take place between 9am and 5pm Coordinated Universal Time (+1) from Monday to Friday.  

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Live session with tutor via video Live session with tutor via online chat Live session with tutor via video Dedicated time with tutor via video Independent study

Independent study

Independent study

Live online group work with other students

Independent study 

Preparation for next week

This example timetable is for guidance only. You'll receive your timetable at the start of your course. 


What can I do to prepare for studying online?

Preparing to Learn Online at University is a free course we've developed for you to prepare for studying online.

What software will I need to study online?

When you register, you'll have online access to all software and University systems you'll need to study your course. You should also make sure you have suitable computer equipment to study online. Find out more about our online learning support.

Software you'll use includes Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Zoom and the University's virtual learning environment, Minerva. You'll have an introduction to these platforms before your course starts. You'll also need to be able to view PDF documents. 

You'll need access to a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Your device must have a webcam, and you need to be able to play and record both sound and video. You may find that headphones help you to listen if you are sharing your space with others.  

We recommend a high-speed broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 1.5 Megabits per second (Mbps). If possible, your device should access the internet through an ethernet cable (not wireless). This will make your connection more stable - try to get this before your course starts. 

What do current students say about studying online?

In normal circumstances, teaching takes place on the University of Leeds campus. You’ll study full-time, with classes scheduled Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Please look at Term dates to see when the University will be closed.