There are different ways to pay your fees depending on the course you'll be studying. If you have any questions about making a payment, please contact us at

Paying for postgraduate pre-sessional courses starting in July or August

If you're studying a six or 10 week pre-sessional English course starting in July or August you won't be issued with an invoice unless you're a sponsored student and have provided a valid sponsor letter.

If you're a self-funded student, please pay the amount quoted on your offer letter.

Make a payment now.

Because you're registering for less than one academic year, you need to pay 100% of your fees before or on the day of registering for your course.

If you've already paid a tuition fee deposit this can be deducted from the amount you pay.

Please note, after you receive an offer for a pre-sessional course starting in July or August, if you require a Tier 4 visa you will be asked to pay a deposit before you are issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Paying for all other Language Centre courses

If you've applied for one of the following courses, you can read about how to pay your tuition fees below:

  • undergraduate pre-sessional English
  • postgraduate pre-sessional English starting in October, January and April
  • general English course

When to pay your course fees

We'll send you an invoice by email for your English language course fees after you receive an offer letter. Once you receive the invoice, you'll need to pay the fees in full before the course start date. Please don't make a payment until you have received your invoice.

If you don't pay your fees in advance, you may receive a late payment charge of £50 and won't be able to register as a student at the University of Leeds or attend classes until we receive all fees.

Paying by card

You can pay your fees online using a credit or debit card. (If you'll be starting a postgraduate pre-sessional course in July or August, please see above on how to pay).

To pay an invoice, select Product Catalogue > General Debtors > Invoice Payment. Please supply your invoice number when prompted.

Paying in person

If you're in Leeds, you can pay at the Student Services Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building. Please take your invoice and student ID number with you. We don't encourage cash or draft payments. Payments must be made in British Pounds.


For details about your right to refund and cancel, see our refund policy.