Joint honours

The University of Leeds offers one of the most varied selections of two-subject degrees in the country. Our joint honours courses provide flexibility and the chance to explore new subjects further.

Employers welcome the ability of joint honours graduates to study across different subject areas, and the employment record of our graduates is excellent.

Your course

Our lectures, practicals, seminars and field work are all undertaken by specialist academic staff  — this means you are learning from experts in your subject area.

As a joint honours student you will study alongside single honours students — your perspective is particularly appreciated for the broader perspective you can bring to seminars, discussions and group work.

Studying joint honours doesn't mean more work. You'll study the same number of credits as a single honours student, but just take fewer modules in each of the subjects. Use our Coursefinder to search for a joint honours course.

Discover more

You can choose to study several subjects in your first year — your two named subjects and one or more discovery modules. You can take discovery modules in areas which are new to you or which allow you to continue your interests from school or college. Alternatively you can plan your course so that your discovery modules help you to develop useful skills such as IT or a new language.

There is usually the chance to do a large project or dissertation in the final year, with a wide choice of courses to choose from.

Joint honours courses vary in length from three to five years — all programmes which include a modern foreign language last either four or five years, and include at least one year abroad. You may also want to study abroad if you are not a language student.


Admissions requirements vary by course. For full details, please go to our Coursefinder or the UCAS website.