NHS funding

Students in nursing, midwifery and allied health professions (other than those subject to transitional arrangements) are able to access student loans to cover the cost of their tuition fees and means-tested support for living costs. 

If you're planning to study medicine, dentistry, or social work, the funding you are entitled to may be slightly different from the standard package of funding available to other students. Please see the following information for more details.

Nursing, midwifery, allied health profession courses

There is additional funding available for healthcare students through the NHS Learning Support Fund. You can find details of the grant, including how to apply on the NHS BSA website Learning Support Fund page.

Medicine and dentistry

If you're taking a first degree in medicine or dentistry you can apply for the standard government loans and support package for the first four years of your course.

From year five onwards, you may be eligible instead for the NHS student bursary scheme. Please see the NHS Student Bursaries website and the government website about NHS bursaries for the latest information.

Social Work degrees

Please visit the NHS Social Work Bursaries website