Language Centre Refund Policy

In some circumstances you may be able to claim a full or partial refund for the fee you have paid for your English language course. This page tells you in which circumstances you are eligible and what you need to do.

In all cases:

  • If you are sponsored, you will need to provide documents as evidence of sponsorship before the University can consider any refund of personal contributions towards fees. This may include copies of award notices from funding bodies or letters from sponsors confirming details of the tuition support to be provided. 
  • Refunds will only be made to the account from which you made the original payment.

If you withdraw from your programme

After you have received your offer and up to 14 days after the start of term (or the start date of your course) you have a limited period in which you may withdraw from your place/registration and cancel your contract with the University. You must give written notice of your cancellation to the University within this 14-day period. 

If you want to withdraw you must send an email to the Language Centre at

  • If your leave request is processed with a date within the first 14 days of the start of your course, you will receive a full refund of your fees.
  • If your leave request is processed with a date after the first 14 days of the start of your course, fees for the first term will not be refunded to you. Fees for any other later terms that you have paid will be eligible for a refund.
  • If you do not give notice that you intend to withdraw, or you do not use the correct email address, fees will not be refunded.

If your visa application is unsuccessful

We will provide a full refund of fees received at any time where the visa application is unsuccessful or the student does not meet the English Language requirement upon submission of satisfactory evidence of the circumstances. 

Personal reasons or illness

  • If you are advised by Language Centre staff to suspend your studies (due to ill health, for example), you will be refunded the fees for the remaining number of weeks from the week you suspend your studies. 
  • If you choose to leave your programme early, at any time before the official end date of the programme, you do not have the right to a refund of any fees (unless you have been advised by Language Centre staff to suspend your studies). 
  • You cannot claim a refund if you miss classes due to illness or for personal or professional reasons. 


If you fail an assessment and so are not able to progress further on your course you will not receive any refund for the term that relates to that assessment. If you have paid for other future terms in advance you will receive a refund of fees for those terms. 

Late arrival

You will not be refunded if you arrive late for your English language course. 

Refund of tuition fee deposit

If you are a Student visa holder and have paid a tuition fee deposit please see the University of Leeds policy on refund of tuition fee deposit.

Page last updated: 16 June 2023