Video transcript: University of Leeds Language Centre

Transcript for the video University of Leeds Language Centre embedded on the Language Centre page.


[Language Centre Executive Director Melinda Wong appears on the screen.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] I'm Melinda Wong, I'm the director of the Language Centre here at the University of Leeds. 

The Language Centre is a part of the University that of course, teaches languages, but of course every University has language degree programmes so our Language Centre is here to teach languages for people not studying for a degree. 


[Melinda Wong says:] So we have a range of programs in the Language Centre. 

We have everything from General English which does a lot of communication and intercultural studies, and that programme is very dynamic. 

It gets students out in the community and it gets them doing things, drama is a part of that, and we really like students to get out of the classroom and to interact with real people. 

“At the other end we do Academic English. What we're trying to do is we're trying to create a program that makes you as well-prepared for the degree course as possible. 

[Language Centre Student Ahmed Jasim appears on the screen.] 

[Ahmed Jasim says:] They are teaching us how the learning style in the UK is different from our learning style and how to collect articles and how to research for it. 

The criteria of examinations is really different here, so you have to propose like a text or an article, or a case study or something like that.  

And also there are seminars that we could share our opinions and talk to each other. 

[Melinda Wong appears on the screen.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] So in the Language Centre we have the Language Zone, and the Language Zone is a space just for language. 

[The screen shows a room with computers set up on circular tables, around pillars, with some students working on them.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] We have an enormous amount of software, and we have satellite feeds from all around the world, pretty much any language that you would study would be supported here, and there's a fantastic space where students can come together and do language exchange programmes, more social programmes. 

[The screen shows bookcases full of books.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] So, we are accredited by the British Council.  

[Melinda Wong appears on the screen.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] Every four years, the British Council comes in and they do a very thorough inspection to make sure that what we say we deliver is what we actually deliver. 


[Melinda Wong says:] So, the Language Centre at Leeds very much follows the practices of the wider University, and the wider University provides personal tutors for students and uses what we call Leeds for Life, which is a rich program that sits outside the courses that you're taking. 

[Language Centre student Motoki Nagai appears on the screen.] 

[Motoki Nagai says:] We have own personal tutor so we can solve our problems and it's going to be personal problems or studying process problems. 

So my tutor’s advice is efficient and effective, so I’m really thankful.  

[The screen shows views of the University of Leeds campus, then a busy shopping street in Leeds city centre.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] What I like about Leeds, especially the University, is it’s really unique in that there's a campus but it's right at the edge of the city centre. 

[Language Centre Student Ahmed Jasim appears on the screen.] 

[Ahmed Jasim says:] People are friendly here, and just welcome you with a smile on their face. 

There are just helping you out with anything you want. I think you will feel at home here. 

[The screen shows students and teachers in a classroom.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] I've never worked in a place that had staff that were so absolutely dedicated to their students. 

[Melinda Wong appears on the screen.] 

[Melinda Wong says:] It's just amazing to me the lengths that teachers will go to for their students. 


[The video ends with a screen containing the University of Leeds logo, and a link to the Language Centre website:]