South Asia alumni and students

Indian students make up the second largest group of international students at Leeds and there are over 4,900 Indian alumni now living in 44 countries around the world.

We also have many students from other South Asian countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 

Learn from our current students

Link to Leeds provides you with the opportunity to read blogs, join webinars and live chat events and follow current international students on social media. 

You can contact our current South Asian students through Link to Leeds or read their profiles and email them directly. 

Learn from our alumni 

We maintain contact with our alumni and can introduce students and their families to alumni who can answer questions they might have about life at Leeds.

Join our Alumni in India WhatsApp group

If you are a Leeds graduate and would like to keep in contact with other members of our thriving Indian alumni community, please complete the online form and you will be added to our WhatsApp chat.

You can also visit our alumni page for information on events, to find friends or to find pictures of Leeds. 

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