Dr Gary Walker

Dr Gary Walker,  Teaching Fellow, Child and Family Studies
Email Gary Walker: G.D.Walker1@leeds.ac.uk
Phone: 0113 343 9434 

Gary Walker

Areas of expertise

Looked after children, multi-agency working, safeguarding, child development; child rights; qualitative research methods 

My role 

I provide teaching and student support across the Child and Family Studies Foundation Degree and the BA. My publications include international journal articles and textbooks.  

I have 20 years’ experience of working with and for children and young people in various roles, most notably as a social worker, education child protection co-ordinator and education co-ordinator for looked after children. My doctoral research focused on better understanding the reasons behind the lower educational outcomes of looked after children.  


I teach across a range of modules on Child and Family Studies, including Children Looked After and their Experiences of Care; Safeguarding Children; Adolescent and Middle Years Development; Policy Development; Child Welfare: Research, Policy and Practice; and Research Methods.  

Research interests 

My research interests include the education of looked after children, and multi-agency working.  


I am an expert reviewer for the Welsh Government on research bids related to looked after children, and have acted as a guest speaker at various external events such as the improving attainment for looked after children seminar in Edinburgh in May 2019, sponsored by the Scottish Government. 


I have presented at several conferences, including at the Canada International Conference on Education in Toronto, 2016, where I won Best Paper for the whole conference.  




  • Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD): Institutional Habitus and Educational Outcomes of Looked After Children: Complexities and Paradoxes 
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education 
  • MA Childhood Studies 
  • Teacher’s Certificate in Further and Adult Education (City and Guilds 730-7) 
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills 
  • Diploma in Social Work 
  • BA (Hons) Developmental Psychology 




My publications reflect my research interests and include: 

Pinkney, S. & Walker, G. 2020. ‘It was me, but it was them that helped me’: Exploring the issues for care experienced young people within higher education. Children and Youth Services Review. 108  

Walker, G. 2018. Working Together for Children: A Critical Introduction to Multi-agency working. Second Edition. London: Bloomsbury.  

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