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Researcher Profiles

Emma Brown

Researching a protein in Zika virus

Nafisul Haque

Postgraduate researcher

Rumana Hossain

Researching the experience of Bangladeshi academics on return from study abroad

Daniel  Hurdiss

Researching structural characterisation of viral pathogens using cryo-electron microscopy

Brendan  Lawson

Researching the use of statistics by UK news media covering humanitarian crises

James Mason

Postgraduate researcher

Emma McDowell

Research: Reframing theatre marketing: from transaction to enaction

Samuel  McKay

Postgraduate researcher

Vicente  Mérida

PhD Food Science and Nutrition

Devesh Mistry

Researching the mechanical properties of novel liquid crystal systems

James Titterton

Researching trickery and deception in medieval warfare

Andrea Vidal Dura

Postgraduate researcher in Biogeochemistry