Choosing your support

UK students can choose to receive the Leeds Bursary funding as cash, a discount against tuition fees or a discount against University accommodation. 

If you do nothing, we will assume that you want to receive support in cash. If you are an EU student, you must receive the funding as a tuition fee discount.

All Leeds Bursary recipients are asked to make a choice by 4 November. After this date, if you haven’t actively chosen, you will automatically receive your award as cash. It is advisable if you are planning on living in University accommodation that you consider the accommodation discount option as it can significantly lower payments over the year.

We always pay cash awards directly through BACS transfer. If you do not provide bank details, we cannot pay you.

Cash award

The cash award is paid into your bank account in three instalments:

  • term one: 25%
  • term two: 50%
  • term three: 25%

Receiving your support in a cash sum:

  • gives you the greatest flexibility
  • reduces the need to borrow money as an overdraft, credit card or loan
  • gives you more disposable income if you already have a plan for paying your tuition fees or expect to receive tuition fee loan

However, a cash sum also means:

  • a greater risk of making money-management mistakes
  • you will not reduce your overall student-loan debt

Discount on university-owned accommodation 

We deduct the discount from your overall University accommodation bill, and split your reduced accommodation fees into your chosen instalment plan.

We will send you an accommodation statement early in October. If your Leeds Bursary is agreed before then, the statement will reflect this adjustment. If your Leeds Bursary is agreed after this date, you can request an amended statement by emailing

Receiving your support as a University-owned accommodation discount:

  • reduces your accommodation instalments and the potential for large rent arrears.
  • may help you manage your money, as rent is often the largest expense.

However, a University-owned accommodation discount also means:

  • the award will not be paid to you directly if a sponsor or family member is paying your full accommodation charges.
  • the award will not reduce your student loan debt.

Whether you choose cash, accommodation or tuition, you need to be registered on your course on the above instalment dates to receive that portion of your Leeds Bursary.

All Leeds Bursary recipients are asked to make a choice by 4 November. After this date you will automatically receive your award as cash. 

Tuition fee discount

This discount is deducted from your overall tuition fee. If you are taking a tuition fee loan, we will inform Student Finance England about the reduced fee, and they will reduce your tuition fee loan accordingly. If you are paying the remaining tuition fees yourself, the reduced fee will be split into the instalment plan you have chosen. 

Receiving your support as a tuition fee discount:

  • reduces your tuition fee loan, which is helpful if you are likely to move into a high-earning career and are concerned about paying interest on your loan once you are earning.
  • is a simple way to receive the award, minimising confusion with other financial commitments.

However, a tuition fee discount also means:

  • you may not benefit from taking a discount to reduce your overall debt as many students never repay their loans in full.
  • your monthly loan repayments would be the same regardless of whether you took a tuition fee loan for £9,250 or reduced it by the value of your Leeds Bursary award by using the tuition fee discount, as the repayment amount is calculated as a percentage of your earnings, not a percentage of your loan.
  • the award will not be paid to you directly.
  • the award will not help with short-term budgeting or money management.

How to make your choice

To choose how to take your award you must:

  • log into Minerva
  • select the 'Student Services' icon in the tool bar (top right)
  • select 'Payments and Financial Support'
  • select the 'Leeds Bursary Choice' page
  • select how you would like to receive your award

Independent advice

You may want to visit the MoneySavingExpert website for an independent view. The Student Advice Centre in the students' union is always happy to help too. You can find them on the 1st floor and they're open from 9.30am to 5pm weekdays. Or contact the Student Advice Centre by: