Your offer explained

Going to university is an amazing experience. We’re really glad you’ve applied to study with us and we hope you select the University of Leeds as your firm choice. 

Conditional offer holders 

A conditional offer from us means you need to achieve the grades or points outlined in your offer letter. Your letter will also explain any English language requirements, if applicable. 

If you’ve applied through UCAS, you may receive up to five offers but you can only accept two – one as your firm (or first) choice and the other as an insurance (or second) choice. 

You’ll be committed to your firm choice if you meet the grades of your offer, so your insurance choice should ideally be a lower offer than your firm choice – but make sure it’s somewhere you’d still be happy to go. Remember, you can’t choose between your firm and insurance choices once you get your results. 

Unconditional offer holders 

If you’ve applied through UCAS and you accept an unconditional offer as your firm choice, you will be committed to that university and you won’t have an insurance choice. 

Deferring your place 

If you’ve changed your mind about going to university this year or you’ve decided to take a year out, you’ll need to contact your school’s admissions team directly. You’ll find contact details on your offer letter. 

How to reply to your offer 

If you applied through UCAS, once you’ve received your offers you’ll need to inform UCAS of your firm and insurance choices by the deadline confirmed to you by UCAS. 

When you accept the University of Leeds as your firm choice, you’re guaranteed an offer of a place in our student accommodation as long as you apply for your accommodation by the deadline. If you’ve got any questions about your offer and how to respond to it, contact your school’s admissions team. You’ll find details in your offer letter. 

If you’re an International Foundation Year or intercalating student, or taking a joint degree, you can accept your offer online.

If you’re an International Foundation Year student, you’ll also need to email your grades and IELTS certificate to once you have completed your qualifications.

If you’re a Study Group student, you don’t need to accept your offer because this will be done on your behalf when you’re made an offer.