Transcript: Into University

Transcript for the video embedded on the page IntoUniversity.

(A child in a classroom holds up a sign that says “Fact”.)

Voiceover (child): Young people from Britain's poorest backgrounds do far less well at school. 

(Two young women hold up a card that says “Fact”.)

Voiceover (child): In Leeds, 12% of young people on free school meals progress to university. With help from our donors we're tackling this issue head-on in inner-city Leeds.

(A red brick building with large windows. The sun is shining brightly.)

Voiceover (child): Innovative learning centres like these are at the heart of their communities. 

(A child holds up a card with a heart above the word “Communities”.)

Voiceover (child): They empower young people to see a future determined not by background or environment but by their own talent and ability.

(A child holds up a card that says “Talent and ability”.)

Voiceover (child): They treat me like an individual. They treat us like students. This term we're studying science and we do proper experiments. They help me with my homework. They help me understand things better and stuff I didn’t understand in class. I made lots of new friends.

(Close up of a book that says “Amazing things start here”.)

Voiceover (child): Coming here has really increased my confidence. It's got me working much better in teams. They've helped me focus on my studies at school. They've opened my eyes to the choices available and helped me decide what's right for me - and to grow, and to develop, and to dream, and to aim high.

A caption says: 82% of students report they are more likely to go to university. 74% of academic support students report improved grades. 90% of parents report that their child is more confident. 

Voiceover (adult): Demand for our work is far exceeding supply. We have ambitious plans to grow the centres and support even more students. We're making a world of difference to these students in Leeds.

Voiceover (child): You can too. Be a part of it.

(Students throw their graduation caps into the sky. The large Parkinson Tower can be seen beyond.)