Register as a student

Registration is the official process of becoming a student at university. It means you can officially confirm your place on your course, check your personal information and let us know how you'll be paying your tuition fees.

When to register

Registration varies depending on whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students can register from 2 September until 28 October 2024.

Taught postgraduate students

Taught postgraduate students (eg Masters) can register from 1 August until 28 October 2024.

Postgraduate researchers

Postgraduate researchers can register from one month before their start date. For example, if your start date is September 2024, you’ll be able to register from 1 August 2024. You’ll be contacted by your Graduate School to let you know when registration is open for you.

How to register 

Whether you’re a new or returning student, you’ll need to register online every year.

You’ll also need to complete an online identity check if you’re starting a new programme, regardless of whether you have studied at Leeds previously.

Visit our registration pages to find out how to complete your online registration and online identity check.

Module enrolment

If you're studying on a course with optional or discovery modules, you'll also need to complete module enrolment, which is separate to registration.