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4-XTRA Technologies Software
A fairer world. accessible to all Faculty of Social Sciences
A new approach to regenerative medicine Regenerative medicine
A smart approach to baking bread Professor Kang Li from the University of Leeds has devised a smart energy system specifically for SMEs, using high-tech sensors and complex data analysis to identify the highest energy use and find where savings can most effectively be made.
A universal standard of assessment and intervention: Improving the lives of children with movement difficulties Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC)
Aakriti Mathur MSc Organizational Psychology 2022
Abdullah Soliman Nouraldeen Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Abdulsalam Alsulami Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Abeer Alaydi MSc International Business
Achieving net zero: one policy at a time Faculty of Environment
Acuity Robotics Robotics
Adsilico Limited In silico modelling
Advances in polymer composites: Paving the way for product innovation High-value engineering - polymer composites
Ahmed Oshinibosi A Lead Engineer at Bentley Motors and University of Leeds alumni mentor
Ajinkya Vijay Shinde MScMSc Advanced Chemical Engineering 2022
Alex Simpson-Hayter Volunteering with the local community
Alexis Pastre From Jean Moulin III
Ali Obaidan Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Alice Colligan BSc Biology
Alice Philipson Postgraduate researcher placement