Tuition fees for UK and EU students

No up-front fees

If you're an eligible full-time or part-time UK or EU student you won't have to pay any tuition fees up front unless you want to. You'll be able to apply for a loan from the government to cover the full cost of your tuition fees and you won’t have to start paying it back until you are earning at least £21,000 a year.

For students with a household income under £42,600 a year, financial assistance may also be available from us to help cover the cost of your tuition fees. 

If you are a UK or EU student planning to come to Leeds in September 2016 our fees will be:

For full-time undergraduate courses
£9,000 per annum

(Full details on the process to increase tuition fees by the government have not yet been confirmed; please note that the increase would be in line with inflation and would only apply from entry in 2017/18 onwards).

For part-time undergraduate courses
Fees will be a proportion of the full-time fee, calculated on the basis of the workload of the part-time course compared to an equivalent full-time course. For more information visit the Lifelong Learning Centre website

For years spent studying abroad or on a work placement
Fees will be substantially reduced for a study abroad or work placement year.

For full-time foundation year courses
Fees for foundation years automatically leading on to a degree will be:
£6,000 for students with a residual household income of up to £25,000
£7,500 for students with a residual household income of £25,001 to £42,600
£9,000 for students with a residual household income in excess of £42,600

Fees for all our courses may increase each year in line with government regulations.

Find out more about the funding available from the government or from us to help with the cost of tuition.

Tuition fees for international students

Information on tuition fees for international students can be found on our international section