You are classified as either a home or international student for the purpose of assessing tuition fees. When we refer to UK and EU below this relates to home students. Where your status is not clear from your application form, you will be sent a Fees Assessment Form. For further information and advice, you can consult the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Tuition fees for UK and EU students | 2017 entry

If you're an eligible full-time or part-time UK or EU student (classified as a home student) you won't have to pay any tuition fees up front unless you want to. You'll be able to apply for a loan from the government to cover the full cost of your tuition fees and you won’t have to start paying it back until you are earning at least £21,000 a year working in the UK. Find out about repaying your loan from overseas

For students with a household income under £42,600 a year, financial assistance may also be available from us to help cover the cost of your tuition fees.

If you are a UK or EU student planning to come to Leeds in September 2017 our fees will be:

For full-time undergraduate courses

For UK and non-UK EU* students starting in 2017 the fee for 2017/18 will be £9,250, subject to parliamentary approval of changes to higher education funding.

The fee may increase in future years of your course as permitted by law. The rate for any further increase has not been set by government so we cannot be sure of the fee for future years**.

We will continue to offer financial support, bursaries and scholarships to students so that anyone with the talent and ambition can benefit from a Leeds education, regardless of background.

The undergraduate fee for 2017/18 and details of financial support for 2017 will be published when they are confirmed in Autumn 2016.

*If you are a non-UK EU student there is no immediate change to your immigration status, your fee rate or to your access to UK student financial support. While the UK remains in the EU, non-UK EU students will be treated as home students. During your study period there may be a legal change to your status and it is possible fees could increase. Leeds, together with other UK universities, is seeking government action and legislation to protect your fee rating for the duration of your course. We will publish updates on these pages as they become available. Please check these pages regularly for further information. View more information for prospective EU students applying for 2017 entry

**Although the basis of future fee increases is not guaranteed, we expect the government to allow to fees to increase in line with inflation. For example, the increase of 2.8% for 2017/18 was based on the government’s forecast for the RPI-X measure of inflation. 

Fees will be substantially reduced for a study abroad or work placement year.

For full-time foundation year courses

Fees for foundation years automatically leading on to a degree will be the same as full-time undergraduate fees, but with tuition fee scholarship applied depending on household income:

  • £3,000 tuition fee scholarship for students with a residual household income of up to £25,000
  • £1,500 tuition fee scholarship for students with a residual household income of £25,001 to £42,600
  • students with a residual household income in excess of £42,600 pay the full undergraduate fee

Please note that your fees will be reduced by the above amounts after we have received your household income information from Student Finance.

For part-time undergraduate courses (UK and EU)

Annual fees will for courses starting in 2017 be a proportion of the full-time fee, calculated on the basis of the workload of the part-time course compared to an equivalent full-time course. If you are studying 60 credits it is half the full-time fee, 80 credits is equivalent to two-thirds of the fee.

Tuition fees for new international students

International fee information available on individual course pages. Search our course finder to find the fees for your course.

Fees quoted are based on full-time study and apply for each year of the course. These fees are fixed at this level for each year of your course allowing you to plan your finances for the duration of your studies.

The academic fee covers tuition and exam costs as well as membership of the students' union. The fees are higher than for UK / Non-UK EU students because they are not subsidised by the UK government, but you can get financial help from international scholarships

Find out about fees and funding for incoming exchange and study abroad students, and for students on our Leeds International Summer School programme

Sponsored students

If you are supported by your government, employer, or other sponsor, you should provide a letter from them addressed to the University, confirming that the fees will be paid directly. Sponsors cannot pay by instalments.

Further details for sponsored students