If the admissions tutor believes that an Access to Leeds applicant has the potential to succeed at the University of Leeds they will make a standard offer (where appropriate) and an Access to Leeds offer, typically two A-level grades (or equivalent) below the standard offer (as published on our course pages). For example, where the standard offer is AAA the Access to Leeds offer could be ABB.

Admissions decisions are made using a combination of your predicted grades, your UCAS personal statement, UCAS reference, interview (for some courses) and the additional information provided by you and your teacher on the Access to Leeds application form.

To keep your Access to Leeds offer you must:

If the above criteria are not met you will keep your standard offer but will no longer be eligible for Access to Leeds.

Access to Leeds: confirming your place

We will write to you with the results of the Access to Leeds programme in August.

To confirm if you have a place at Leeds you will need your exam results. You will need to have met our standard offer, or to have passed the programme and met the Access to Leeds offer.

On A-level results day you can check the outcome of your application through UCAS Track or you can also use our website to confirm your place.