We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about Access to Leeds.


My brother or sister has been to university. Am I eligible to apply to Access to Leeds?

Yes. Applicants with siblings who have completed or are currently undertaking a higher education course are eligible to apply (as long as their parents did not complete a higher education course).

What counts as disruption to studies?

As every application is assessed on an individual basis, we cannot give a definitive answer. For further details, please see the Access to Leeds guidelines for application. If you feel you can justify why your studies have been disrupted, for whatever reason, we encourage you to send in your application and it will be assessed.

I am applying to a Foundation course as well as a full time undergraduate degree at The University of Leeds. Can I still apply to Access to Leeds?

Yes. Access to Leeds will process your application for the full time undergraduate degree, but not for the foundation degree.

Application process

How do I submit my application form?

The application form is designed to be completed in Microsoft Word and should be submitted through our web form (available online when the application process is open). The applicant and referee will each complete their relevant section of the application form before uploading it.

Can I email or post my application to you?

We usually require applications to be submitted through the web form. If however for any reason you can not use the online process please get in touch and we will discuss an alternative way to submit your application.

I completed my UCAS application a while ago but have only just sent my Access to Leeds application in. Will this be a problem?

No, that’s fine. Once we receive your Access to Leeds application we will check your details on UCAS and begin to process it.

We recommend sending off your Access to Leeds application shortly after your UCAS, but a delay will not cause an issue. Just make sure it’s sent before the deadline.

I have sent my application off. When will I know that you’ve received it?

You will receive an email notification as soon as your application form is submitted. You will usually receive a further email within a few days after we have checked your eligibility.

Receiving offers

I’ve received an email saying that I’m eligible for Access to Leeds. Is this an offer from the University?

No. This means that your application has been assessed against the Access to Leeds criteria for eligibility and will now be passed to the relevant admissions team for the course(s) you have applied to. The admissions team will now assess your application and you should wait for UCAS Track to update with their decision.

I’ve received a conditional offer from the university but there’s no sign of my Access to Leeds offer. When will this be updated?

If you’ve already received a conditional offer and your Access to Leeds application has been confirmed as being eligible, your UCAS Track will be updated with an Access to Leeds offer shortly. This process should take less than two weeks but may take longer during busy periods, so please be patient. If you don’t receive an Access to Leeds offer, please contact the Access to Leeds team.

I’ve received a rejection from the university before my Access to Leeds application has been processed. Will my application be reconsidered?

If you’ve received a rejection from the University and think that your UCAS application has been processed before your Access to Leeds application, we will continue to process your Access to Leeds application in the normal way. Once we confirm you are eligible for Access to Leeds, your application will be sent to the relevant admissions team for the course(s) you have applied to. The admissions team(s) will reconsider your application in light of the information you have provided on your Access to Leeds application. This does not guarantee an offer – only that your application will be reconsidered.

The module

Do I have to complete the online module?

Yes. In order to maintain your Access to Leeds offer, you must complete and pass both the study skills and academic/subject specific assignment aspects of the online module.

When does the Access to Leeds programme take place?

The module will be launched at the end of March and will run through until mid-July. You will have approximately six weeks to complete the study skills activities, followed by a short break, then a further six weeks to complete the Subject Skills element.

How is the module delivered – do I need to be in Leeds?

No, you will not usually be required to come to the University of Leeds to complete the programme. However, a small number of courses opt to run an on-campus test in place of a written assignment. The majority of the module is delivered online, via the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You will therefore need to have regular internet access while participating in the programme.

I also have coursework and exams to complete; will the Access to Leeds programme get in the way?

No. We set deadlines to fit around your other studies, and the programme should not cause you additional stress. As a prospective university student, you are expected to manage your time effectively, as this is an essential skill for University study. The module is designed so that you can complete it as and when is convenient for you.

If your question is not answered above, please read our application guidelines. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Access to Leeds team by emailing accesstoleeds@leeds.ac.uk  or phone +44 (0)113 3438952. Our postal address is Access to Leeds, Educational Engagement, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT.