This guidance follows the Definition Document for Universities developed by the Information Commissioner so that universities meet their legal commitment under the model publication scheme. The University makes the information in this definition document available unless:
  • it does not hold the information;
  • the information is exempt under one of the FOI exemptions or Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) exceptions, or its release is prohibited under another statute;
  • the information is archived, out of date or otherwise inaccessible; or,
  • it would be impractical or resource-intensive to prepare the material for routine release.

The guidance is not meant to give a definitive or exhaustive list. The University endeavours to provide as much information as possible on a routine basis mainly through its website at

If you are looking for information and services you can expect the University to regularly or routinely provide, you will probably find it simpler to search or explore the rest of our website for the information you require before submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act. For example:

For information on admissions, programmes or a prospectus please see our contact pages.

For replacement certificates, authentication or verification of awards try student services.

This guide to the information the University makes available to the public should assist you to locate the information on our website or advise you how you can obtain it. The buttons on the right-hand side of this page, which follow the classes of information the Information Commissioner has identified, provide links to listings within these categorisations.

The University reserves the right to make charges to cover the cost of duplication, administration and postage of printed copies of any web pages or hard copies of a publication where the number of pages exceeds fourteen. Any charges, payable in advance, will normally be calculated on a basis of £4+postage for the first 15 pages plus an additional 25p for each additional page requested.