Campus Live: Information for internal applicants


We’re looking for applications from: 

  • Leeds University Union (LUU) societies
  • students not attached to a society 
  • staff in a personal capacity 
  • staff and students on behalf of an academic school 
  • recent graduates (2020–2022) who have work, projects or performances readily available. 

How to apply

Please fill in the application form for internal applicants if you have an idea for an event.

Submissions don’t need to be fully formed ideas at this stage, and we will work with you to develop your ideas further if necessary.

The application deadline is 9am on Monday 5 September.

Event approval 

The aim is to create a diverse event programme with a broad range of activities in a broad range of spaces.

Once you have submitted your application form, we will:

  • discuss your plan with you, including any necessary changes 
  • contact you in September to let you know if your event has been selected.

If your event is chosen, we will:

  • request further information about logistics and work with you to complete a risk assessment 
  • agree date, time and location slots
  • agree payment and contract details.

All events organisers are expected to consider health and safety, accessibility and the University’s values.

Event categories 

Leeds University Union (LUU) societies

LUU societies could produce events solely for Campus Live, or events could be part of an existing show or exhibition.

For example, a performance or music society could choose to perform one of their show songs on the grass outside LUU. This would have the impact of being an event for passers-by to enjoy and would also act as an advertisement for the society to encourage people to come and see the whole show.

Non-performance societies are also encouraged to get involved. Sports demonstrations, such as martial arts or role play/gaming societies are welcome.

Students not attached to societies

Students who aren’t part of an LUU society are also welcome to get involved in the same way as societies. We welcome ideas and events from all students.

Recent graduates (2020–2022)

Recent graduates can get involved if they wish to showcase work, performances or installations that they already have available, such as work used as part of their degrees or other activities. We would not expect them to produce anything new specifically for Campus Live.

Staff in a personal capacity

Staff who are involved in performance groups are encouraged to submit ideas.

It is anticipated that all events will take place during the standard working day and that, in agreement with line managers, staff will be released in order to take part.

Staff and students on behalf of an academic school

Information will be passed to Heads of School for consideration and dissemination. Schools will be asked if they have any scope to be involved, which would allow them to showcase existing projects or create new events based on their academic fields.

It is expected that this type of event should take place outside of the school’s footprint in order to engage with new audiences.

Curated events

Some events will be defined by the project team in advance with a request that groups of staff and students express interest in producing them. This means that the programme can be partially curated rather than leaving it fully open for ideas to be generated from the community.

More information on curated events will be released soon.

Expenses and grants 

Reasonable expenses can be claimed for staging an event, with small grants available for students, societies and recent graduates.

In all cases, the exact amount given will be decided by the project team and will be based on a range of factors including: 

  • the scale of the event and the number of people involved 
  • the number of times the event happens 
  • the resources needed to stage the event. 

LUU societies will be given up to £500, including expenses. This money will be paid directly to society accounts held in LUU, and it is intended to bolster society funds rather than pay individuals.

Students not attached to LUU societies will be given up to £500, including expenses.

Recent graduates (2020–2022) will be given up to £500, plus reasonable expenses. They will then be responsible for any tax liability through an HMRC tax return. 

Staff staging events in a personal capacity are not eligible for grants but can claim reasonable expenses.