Bragg facilities  Growth

We have materials growth capability from the nano to macro-scale covering an enormous range of materials and systems, underpinned by extensive materials modelling.

Our facilities include:

  • semiconductor and nanotechnology cleanroom which supports sputtering for deposition of magnetic and superconducting metals and plasma-laser deposition of complex oxides such as piezo-electric materials (part-funded by the Royce Institute).

  • multi-functional materials growth facility that allows precision engineering of interfaces integrating a number of techniques within a single ultra-high vacuum environment. This enables research on low-energy-dissipation memory and sensor technologies, and the exploration of the physics of entities such as Josephson junction circuits, magnonics, skyrmions, and spin-currents (funded by the Royce Institute).

  • An advanced coatings physical vapour deposition/plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition system  to develop conformal coatings and functional surfaces for tribological application (funded by the Royce Institute).

  • molecular beam epitaxy facility for growth of III-V semiconductors, with a particular focus on quantum cascade lasers, and high frequency and terahertz optoelectronic devices .

  • Our pulsed laser deposition facilities allow the development of rare-earth doped glass, glass ceramics and thin films. This enables optical integration of lasers, sensors and amplifiers.