Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) notes

POSTnotes are four-page briefings published by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). These briefings are used primarily by parliamentarians (eg MPs) as a summary of research evidence on a topical area.

When researching these briefings, POST consults stakeholders inside and outside of parliament, including researchers in academia. The briefings are then peer-reviewed.  

Read about the POSTnotes that Global Food and Environment Institute members have contributed to and reviewed:

Dr Gulbanu Kaptan – genome edited crops

Dr Gulbanu Kaptan (Leeds University Business School) contributed to and externally reviewed the UK Parliament POSTnote (Briefing for MP's) on genome edited crops.

Genome editing creates the possibility of making more precise alterations in the DNA of food crop plants than existing approaches.

The Genome edited food crops POSTnote describes genome editing technology; identifies which food crops are currently undergoing editing and why; describes the regulation and registration of genome-edited food crops; discusses issues around trade; and describes stakeholder views about the technology.

Megan Tresise – restoring agricultural soils

Megan Tresise is a third year PhD student registered in the School of Biology. Megan was recently given the opportunity to be seconded from their PhD to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) Fellowship from October to December 2021.

During the placement, Megan produced the Restoring agricultural soils POSTnote that was published in January 2022. It provides an overview of some of the key research areas in soil science, as well as developing policy initiatives around soil.