Be exposed to leading research and learn from experts about the challenges of tackling climate change and food insecurity. 

Free online course: Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems

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Launched in March 2021, Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems is a free online course exploring new research-led strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture and food systems. 

The course is offered through FutureLearn and is led by GCRF-AFRICAP researchers in the School of Earth and Environment, Dr Stephen Whitfield.

Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems is designed for anyone interested in the effects of climate change and creating resilience and sustainability in food production and food systems.

The strategies and techniques presented in the course are based on research that has taken place in various sub-Saharan African countries, but they can be used in other parts of Africa and across the world.


Visit the official course page on FutureLearn for more details and to register to join. 

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Video transcript: Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems.

Sustainable Food Systems MSc 

The Sustainable Food Systems MSc will help you appreciate and evaluate the complexity of our global food system and develop solutions for tackling the challenges we're facing today such as food insecurity and climate change. 

The programme uses an interdisciplinary approach and draws expertise from seven schools across the University of Leeds:

The programme will expose you to leading research and prepare you for exciting employment opportunities in industry, policymakers, non-governmental organisations, and the third sector.

Video transcript: Studying MSc Food Systems at the University of Leeds

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