Video transcript: Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems (course trailer)

Transcript for the Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems (course trailer) video embedded on the Global Food and Environment Institute Education page.


[The University of Leeds logo appears on the screen, followed by the Future Learn logo, then a screen that reads ‘Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems’]

[Dr Stephen Whitfield, Associate Professor of Climate Change and Food Security at the University of Leeds appears on the screen]

Stephen: Malnutrition affects approximately 20% of the African population and this is a challenge that's being exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

[Images of the globe, cracked soil, crops, fields, villages in Africa and cows drinking from a body of water are shown]

Agriculture and food systems are critical. They must adapt to increase the availability and accessibility of nutritious food for a growing population, become resilient to climate change, contribute to alleviating poverty, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent land degradation and more.

[A screen shows two examples of text from the ‘Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems’ course on the Future Learn website mixed with images of crops, people in an orchard and people chatting around a table]

This course introduces you to the AFRICAP research programme which explores ways to make agriculture and food systems in sub-saharan Africa more productive, sustainable and resilient to climate change.

We will investigate methods to help predict the impact of climate change on food systems and evaluate how communities, policy makers and donors can respond to these impacts.

[A screen shows more examples of texts and diagrams from the course on the Future Learn website]

By the end of this course, you'll be able to critically assess options for building climate resilience and food systems in your own country.

[Dr Stephen Whitfield appears on the screen]

If you're interested in the effects of climate change and building resilience in agriculture and food systems, we look forward to welcoming you to this course.

[A screen appears showing the ‘Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems’ course homepage on the Future Learn website]