Video transcript: National Pig Centre

Transcript for the video embedded on the National Pig Centre page.


[Video title ‘National Pig Centre’ appears on screen with aerial footage of a set of modern farm buildings surrounded by countryside and a road].

[Three logos appear over the top of the farm footage: University of Leeds, UK Research and Innovation and Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock].

[Voiceover starts:] Welcome to the national pig centre, the UK's largest and most advanced facility for research and innovation on commercial pig production focusing on sustainability nutrition and animal health and welfare. 

[Footage cuts to outdoor and then an indoor facility with adult and baby pigs]. 

[Voiceover]: We're working with industry to help improve the sustainability and efficiency of pig production.

[Text appears that says: unique UK research capability, trials and indoor and outdoor production systems, CCTV throughout, 24 hour monitoring of individual pig’s behaviour at all stage of production].

[Return to aerial footage of the farm. Text overlays on specific buildings to show what facilities are housed there. They are: Conference centre and laboratory, dry sows and gilts, farrowing house, precision nursery, feed facility and finishing].

[Voiceover:] The ground-breaking indoor pig research capability operates on a three-week batch farrowing system; housing pigs from birth through to market weight. 

[Footage of pigs frolicking about inside indoor facility eating hay, one inquisitively coming up to the camera]

[Text appears that says:] 440 integrated sow herd, automated ‘on-heat’ detection, large white x landrace damline, sireline as required.

[Voiceover:] Dry sows and gilts are housed in separate dynamic groups on a straw-based system. Animals are fed to individual requirements using electronic sow feeders and can be fed specific individual diets throughout the reproductive cycle.

[Footage of feeding stations with text that says: electronic sow feeders, choice of 6 diets or specific blends]

[Aerial footage of the farm which shows the location of the farrowing house].

[Voiceover:] The farrowing house features fully slatted pens with opening crates for loose nursing sows.

[Footage of sows nursing piglets. Text appears that says: 120 individual farrowing pens, animals fed to individual; requirements for wet and dry food, automated feeding system]. 

[Voiceover:] There are a further 10 individual piglet rearing pens featuring individual piglet feed, drink and weight recording.

[Aerial footage of the farm which shows the location of the nursery. Cuts to footage inside the nursery, showing a very clean environment with lots of individual pens and equipment].

[Voiceover:] The precision nursery houses up to 2,160 pigs.

[Text appears that says: Nine fully-slatted rooms, each housing 240 trial pigs, from weaning to 35 kg bodyweight, flexi-penning to house 5,10 or 20 pigs per pen].

[Voiceover:] The highly controlled environment and pen setup enables high precision accurate results there are two separate water lines to all pens for water-based treatment trials.

[Footage of CCTV camera]


[Footage of farm showing location of two finisher units. Footage of pigs inside the unit].

[Voiceover:] Both nursery and finisher units feature automated monitoring of individual pig intake and weight. 

[Footage of pigs entering a small pen to be weighed. The weight appears on a digital screen]

[Text appears: four building with fully slatted rooms, flexible layout – pens of 10 or 20 pigs, optional slurry pits].

[Voiceover:] For each visit to a feeder station the on-site feed facility uses a series of different feeds mixed and delivered to pigs. 

[Footage of inside feeding facility. Text appears that says: two feeding kitchens offering a mix of any combination of diets including additives, three feed lines serving different areas of the indoor system].

[Voiceover:] In every stage of production the system has the capability for individual animal feed intake with accurate data recording for feed optimisation and performance studies.


[Footage of the farm showing the location of the outdoor facility, and aerial footage of a muddy field with small shelters or ‘arks’ for the pigs].

[Voiceover:] The national pig centre is also home to the UK's only outdoor pig research facility - it operates in sync with the indoor herd. 

[Footage of the pigs wandering around in the field. Text appears that says: 200 large white x landrace x duroc sows, sire line as required].

[Voiceover:] Farrowing sows are housed individually in one of 60 paddocks and arks are equipped with cctv to monitor farrowing and sow and piglet behaviour. 

[Footage of a lactating sow in a crate in the field. Text appears that says: CCTV to monitor farrowing and sow/piglet behaviour, penned in seven static groups, individual feeding of sows in farrowing]

[Voiceover:] Sows are fed in a feeding crate during lactation allowing sow and piglet measurements to be safely carried out.


[Footage of farm showing location of conference centre of laboratory. Cuts to a person stood looking at computers while wearing wellies]

[Voiceover:] Research expertise at the national pig centre spans a range of disciplines including nutrition, health, behaviour, welfare and fertility. 

[Footage shows the person looking at an ultrasound image. Another person is looking at CCTV footage of sows feeding their piglets].

[Voiceover:] All come together under one roof to improve production, efficiency, pig health and welfare and the overall sustainability of the pig industry.

[Text appears that says: sustainability, computer vision, engineering, soil and water sciences, data analytics, atmosphere and climate science].

[Footage of a piglet feeding]

[Logos for the University of Leeds and Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock appears and email addresses to email the farm at, and email the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock at