Fees and funding

Find out about whether you will need to pay tuition fees and what scholarships are available for exchange and study abroad students.

Tuition fees

If your home university has nominated you for a semester or year of exchange, you will not have to pay tuition fees to the University of Leeds.

If you are not a nominated student from an exchange partner, you will need to pay tuition fees to the University of Leeds. Please email the Study Abroad team via studyabroad@leeds.ac.uk for further information about the fees you will pay to us. 

If you need to pay tuition fees, you will receive information about how to pay your tuition fees in your acceptance letter.

Additional costs

There may be additional costs outside of the tuition fee, such as administrative charges or fieldwork costs.

You should also bear in mind any living expenses you may have while studying at Leeds, such as accommodation, food and transport costs.

Scholarships and financial aid

You will find details of existing scholarships to help fund your studies in the following information.

British Universities Transnational Exchange Association (BUTEX)

Each year BUTEX awards a number of £500 scholarships to students studying abroad for a single semester or full academic year. The University of Leeds is a BUTEX member so incoming study abroad students applying to Leeds can submit a scholarship application.

BUTEX scholarships are awarded based on a calendar year and not an academic year. This means that students who are completing a full year of exchange that takes place across two calendar years will have two opportunities to apply, but each student can only win a BUTEX scholarship once.

Find out more and apply for the BUTEX scholarship.