Supporting documents

You must make sure you upload the correct supporting documents with your online application form.

We cannot process applications that are missing supporting documents, so please read the following information carefully. 

Submitting your application without your supporting documents can cause lengthy delays to you receiving your acceptance and being able to apply for modules.

Submitting your documents

You must send all documents electronically with your study abroad application. You should combine them into one file and submit the file as a PDF with your full name as the title. Please submit the documents relevant to you in the following order:

1. Transcript of records (all students)

All students need to submit an original transcript in English, or an English translation signed and stamped by your home university. We cannot accept electronic or unofficial transcripts unless they have been stamped and signed by your home university.

2. Description of the grading system at your home university (all students)

This will help our academic staff to understand your transcript. If you do not send this, you could be rejected for a module that you are qualified for.

3. Evidence that you meet our English language requirements 

Please see our English language requirements page to find out whether you need to submit proof of your level of English and the types of English language evidence we accept. This proof should meet our standard English language requirements as a minimum and should prove you meet higher language requirements if you wish to take modules in teaching schools which require the higher language requirement.

Evidence that does not meet our requirements will not be considered. If you are required to submit evidence of your English language level, we will not be able to process your application without this evidence.

Note: if your degree programme is taught entirely in English and you will have completed two years of study on this programme by the time you arrive in Leeds, you will not need to upload proof of your English level. Instead, you will need to provide a letter from your home university confirming the duration of study at your home university on this degree programme and that you have also been taught entirely in English if this is not evident from your academic transcript.    

If you are including an official letter confirming you are being taught in English, please ask a relevant member of staff at your home university to sign the letter and stamp it with the official university stamp. Please upload a digital copy of the letter with your other supporting documents.

4. Copy of the information page in your passport or ID card (all students)

We need a copy of the information page of your passport or, if you are a European student and are applying to Leeds for a single semester, we will accept a copy of your identity card. We will use this information to make sure we give you the correct guidance about UK immigration.

If you are going to renew your passport before travelling to the UK and you are applying to Leeds for a full academic year, please include a note in your application to let us know that you are renewing your passport. Please include the nationality of the expected passport and an estimated date of its arrival. You should then email a copy of your new passport to the Study Abroad team via as soon as you receive it.

5. Language questionnaire

If you wish to take a European language module (not English) while at Leeds, please fill in and submit the foreign language modules questionnaire (Word doc).

If you wish to take a Japanese, Korean or Mandarin language module, please fill in and submit the non-roman scripts questionnaire (Word doc).

You only need to submit a questionnaire if you are applying for language modules with the following codes: FLTU or non-beginners ARAB, EAST, FREN, GERM, ITAL, SLAV or SPPO.

6. Reference (fee-paying applicants only)

You need to submit an academic reference. This can be from any lecturer or professor who has taught you at your home institution. We will only contact your referee if we need to clarify anything about your application.

7. Portfolio of work for Performance Music applicants

If you major in Music and want to take performance modules, you must submit a portfolio of you playing or singing. Please refer to our academic subject requirements page for information on what to include in your portfolio.

You can submit your portfolio via the online application form or email it to the relevant Study Abroad Co-ordinator.

Please be aware that your acceptance onto modules in these areas may depend entirely on your portfolio rather than your transcript.

8. Portfolio of work for Fine Art and Design applicants 

If you major in Fine Art and wish to take studio modules, or if you major in Design and wish to take core Design modules, you need to submit your portfolio of work directly to the Fine Art or Design Study Abroad Coordinator before completing the Study Abroad application form. You do not need to include your portfolio as a supporting document with your online application.

Please refer to our academic subject requirements page to help you with this process.