What can I study?

At the University of Leeds, we call the individual subjects that you will study ‘modules’.

As a study abroad student, you can apply for modules from across the University and you may be able to transfer any credits you gain at the University of Leeds to your degree in your home country.

Modules for study abroad and exchange students

To see which modules are available for study abroad students, please visit our module catalogue and search by ‘incoming study abroad’:

Our guide on what to consider when choosing study abroad modules will help you decide which modules to choose.

Some schools have specific academic entry requirements for study abroad students, so check you are eligible to take modules in your school.

If you have questions about particular modules, please see our Study Abroad Coordinator contact list and contact the representative in the relevant school. 

When to select your modules

Before you apply to study abroad at Leeds, you should research the modules you wish to take and discuss them with your home university but you do not select your modules as part of your initial application. 

Once you have applied and been accepted, we will email you further information on how to select your modules. You can find out more about this process on our module selection and changes page.