Research degrees fees

Postgraduate research fees are not regulated by the UK government so decisions on UK undergraduate fees do not apply to them. Our postgraduate research fees are set independently and reviewed on an annual basis.

You are classified as either a home or international postgraduate researcher for the purpose of assessing tuition fees. Where your status is not clear from your application, you will enter our fee assessment process

The following fees listed are meant as a guide only. An annual bench fee may be charged in addition to academic fees where the research projects undertaken require a high expenditure on consumables, equipment or other resources. Please check with the admissions team for your research area for accurate information.

If you are a former student of the University of Leeds you may be eligible for a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary.

You may also need to pay additional study costs in some instances.

UK first year fees

Students 2023/24 2024/25
UK students £4,712 TBC
UK students (part time) £2,356


The fee quoted is based on full-time study and shows the fee charged for postgraduate researchers studying in that academic year. The fee may increase in future years of your studies in line with inflation.

International postgraduate research annual fees 

The following fees for international postgraduate researchers are based on full-time study and apply for each year of the course. These fees are fixed at this level for each year of your course allowing you to plan your finances for the duration of your studies. 

Fees for the 2024/25 academic year will be confirmed later in 2023.

International postgraduate research course 2023/24 2024/25
Schools of English; History; Philosophy, Religion and History of Science; Languages, Culture and Societies; Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies; Music; Performance and Cultural Industries; Education; Business £21,000 £23,000
Schools of Law; Politics and International Relations; Sociology and Social Policy £21,000 £23,000
School of Media and Communication £21,000 £23,000
Schools of Geography; Mathematics; Design £23,750 £26,250
Schools of Computing; Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Chemical and Process Engineering; Civil Engineering; Earth and Environment; Transport; Chemistry; Physics and all schools in the Faculty of Biological Sciences £26,500 £29,250
School of Food Science and Nutrition £26,500 £29,250
Schools of Medicine and Dentistry science based programmes. There are a number of programmes with higher fees, please check with the graduate school. £26,500 £29,250
Schools of Medicine and Dentistry clinically based programmes. There are a number of programmes with higher fees, please check with the graduate school. £37,750 £41,500
School of Healthcare £26,500 £29,250
School of Psychology science based programmes £26,500 £29,250
School of Psychology arts/ social science based programmes £21,000 £23,000

Fees quoted are based on full-time study and apply for each year of the course. If you are studying part-time, the fee is normally 50% of the full rate (with the exception of the overtime fee).

Split-site PhD programme fees

The fees for split-site programmes (see our page on types of research degree for more information) are set as a percentage of the UK or international fees. There are three ways of studying for a split-site PhD at the University that will affect the fees you pay:

  • Model A involving a strategic partnership with a commercial/industrial organisation or an international academic or research institution. These are full-time programmes and are normally cohort-based.
  • Model B involving individual postgraduate researchers. These are part-time programmes.
  • Model C involving another organisation entering into a partnership with Leeds to deliver the PhD research project. These are full-time programmes with a reduced requirement for attendance in Leeds.
Year of study Model A - Percentage of full-time fee Model B - Percentage of part-time fee Model C - Percentage of full-time fee
1 75% 75% 75%
2 50% 50% 50%
3 50% 50% 50%
4 Overtime 50% Overtime
5 N/A 50% N/A
6 N/A Overtime N/A
7 N/A Overtime N/A

Overtime (writing up) fee

There is an overtime registration fee of £290 for 2023/24 should you need extra time to write up your thesis.

If you are still undertaking new research in the overtime period, the full fee may be charged.

Your offer letter will state the end of the standard period of study and also the maximum time limit. The difference is usually the overtime period. Full-time postgraduate researchers normally have one year of overtime and part-time/split site have two years.

Fee status assessment

You are classified as either a "home" or "international" postgraduate researcher for the purpose of assessing tuition fees. Only certain categories of students will be charged the "home" tuition fee.

Where it is not clear from your application form whether you have "home" or "international" status, you will need to complete the Fees Assessment Questionnaire for research degree applicants (Word doc), which will be sent out to you. For further information and advice see our fee assessment page.

Please note that fees status assessment is a complex area. For example, being granted indefinite leave to remain by the Home Office during your course would not alter your fees status from international to home. Similarly, you would need to meet the three-year residence requirement before the start of your course for this to impact on your eligibility for home fee status. 

If you have a question about fee payment you can contact the Student Fees team by email:

The information provided is for general guidance purposes only. The University believes the information provided is accurate at the time of publication. The University cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies.

Sponsored postgraduate researchers

If you are supported by your government, employer, or other sponsor, you should provide a letter from them addressed to the University, confirming that the fees will be paid directly. Sponsors cannot pay by instalments.

For more detail, see our information for sponsored postgraduate researchers on our For Students website.

Paying your fees

You need to make arrangements to pay your fees before the start of the academic year or you won't be able to register. Find out more about how to pay your tuition fees and view the tuition fee payment schedule on our website For Students.

You become liable to pay tuition fees when you register on your course. If you leave before the end of your course, we calculate your fees based on your leaving date. Read more about tuition fee liability.