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We’re glad you’ve applied to study with us, and we hope you accept your offer.

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Conditional offers

A conditional offer from us means you need to achieve the grades outlined in your offer letter. Your offer letter will also explain any English language requirements, if applicable. 

If you have an academic offer condition, we may need to see your degree certificate and transcripts as evidence. 

If you have an English language condition, you may be able to meet the requirements by taking a pre-sessional course at our Language Centre.

Please note that you may have to accept your offer again if it becomes unconditional. 

Document translations

If your offer has an academic condition, you will need to include official translations alongside your final academic documents if they were not originally produced in English. These translations should be signed and dated by an official translator and include their credentials, company details and confirmation that the translation is accurate. 

Unconditional offers

An unconditional offer from us means you have met all the relevant academic and English language requirements. 

You can accept your unconditional offer in the application portal.

If you are a postgraduate researcher and require a Student visa, you’ll receive an email asking how you’ll be funding your studies. If you are in receipt of a University-recognised sponsor or scholarship, you may be required to provide evidence. We’ll send you more information about this when you accept your offer. 

When you come to Leeds, make sure you bring your original academic documents, or certified copies, and any official translations into English as we may ask to see them.