Language Centre taught admissions policy 2021

This policy is for you if your course has a start date in the academic year 2021-22. 

You must also read the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy 2021-22, as both policies apply. 

If your course has a start date in the academic year 2022-23, read the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy 2022-23.

This faculty policy is reviewed annually by the faculty’s committees, and any amendments made after the point of publication will be summarised in the Version control section.

The Language Centre Admissions Policy applies to the following courses: 

  • Postgraduate pre-sessional English 
  • Undergraduate pre-sessional English 
  • General English Programmes 

Six and 10 week discipline-specific summer pre-sessionals: 

  • Language for Arts and Humanities  
  • Language for Business Management and Enterprise  
  • Language for Civil Engineering
  • Language for Communication and Society 
  • Language for Economics and Finance  
  • Language for Education 
  • Language for Engineering 
  • Language for Human Resource Management 
  • Language for Law  
  • Language for Marketing  
  • Language for Science  
  • Language for Politics and Society 
  • Language for Postgraduate Research 

Entry requirements 

Academic requirements

Please see the Language Centre website for the course list, typical entry requirements, and accepted qualifications. 

Criteria for entry to individual programmes of study vary and applicants are advised to check entry requirements before applying.  

English language entry requirements for Postgraduate pre-sessional English, Undergraduate pre-sessional English and discipline-specific summer pre-sessional courses depend on the applicant’s current language level and the language requirement for the degree programme the applicant wishes to study on. 

Documentation and references

Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate their current level of English at application, through providing a valid English language certificate. Certain qualifications, e.g. IELTS, have a 2 year validity period and must be valid at the commencement of studies. Please visit the How to apply page on the Language Centre website for more information. 

Application process 

Application routes and deadlines

All applicants for pre-sessional courses should apply online via the application portal

Where a pre-sessional offer includes multiple terms, progression onto the next term is dependent on successful completion of the previous term. Please note that we advise against applicants changing their intended degree course after accepting their Language Centre offer. 

All applications for General English courses are made via the application form.  

Application deadlines 

Application deadlines are stated on the respective pages of the Language Centre website in the following list and the completed application must be submitted by this date. The Language Centre may accept applications after the initial closing date subject to availability. 

Part-time study

The Language Centre offers study options on a part-time basis only for General English. 

CAS and Student visas

Where a Student visa is required, the Language Centre must be confident that applicants meet the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) minimum requirements to obtain this. An applicant may be eligible for a CAS covering both the pre-sessional programme and taught postgraduate course at the University of Leeds. For more information, please contact the Language Centre using the information in the Useful contacts and resources section that follows.

Applicants who require a Student Visa and have previously studied in the UK will need to provide documentary evidence detailing any periods of study on a Student visa or a Tier 4 (General) visa in order for the University to be able to carry out checks to ensure compliance with the UKVI’s Points Based System. Applicants are encouraged to include documents such as previous CAS, copies of passport pages containing visas or copies of Biometric Residence Permits with their application to assist in processing.

Any information that is not included in the application will be requested when the application is considered, or the University may need to request the applicant’s permission to check their UK immigration history directly with the UKVI. Please note that, where the UKVI allows exceptions to its policy, the University reserves the right to make its own assessment on whether these are applied. For more information please visit the Applying for a Student visa page of the University website. 

Age and safeguarding

In addition to the information relayed in the corresponding section of the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy, please note the Language Centre’s age and safeguarding considerations. The minimum age to study on all Language Centre courses is 18. However, for students who want to take the Undergraduate pre-sessional English course to prepare for the International Foundation Year the minimum age is 16. Read the Language Centre guidance for applicants under 18.  

Pre-sessional deferral requests

Applicants who wish to defer an offer of a place should contact Language Centre Admissions Team via the Useful contacts and resources section that follows. 

Applicant assessment 

Teaching, assessment and student support will take place in English. Please note that, in order for applicants to be accepted, the Language Centre must be confident that candidates have the proficiency in English language necessary to succeed on the chosen programme of study. 

All selection decisions are made on the ability of each applicant to meet criteria for admission to the relevant programme of study. Applicants intending to study on a taught postgraduate degree at the University of Leeds must hold a valid offer in order for an application to a discipline-specific summer pre-sessional to be considered. 


The Language Centre reserves the right to interview but does not typically undertake interviews with applicants. 

Decisions and communications with applicants

Please refer to the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy for information on how decisions will be communicated by the University. 

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to request feedback on the reason for the outcome of their application should do so in line with the Feedback section of the above policy, using the relevant email address contact in the Useful contacts and resources section that follows. Generally, where applicants request feedback on why they have not been admitted, feedback will be given. However, please note that initial feedback is given as standard to all unsuccessful candidates who apply via the Applicant Portal. 

Appeals and complaints

As per the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy, applicants who have sought feedback and wish to challenge the decision made on their application should contact the Qualifications and Pathways Manager, whose details can be found in the Useful contacts and resources section that follows. 

Useful contacts and resources 

For general enquiries and information relating to courses and admission to the University of Leeds, applicants should contact the Admissions Enquiries Team: 

Phone the Admissions Enquiries Team: +44 (0)113 343 2336
Email the Admissions Enquiries Team via

Admissions enquiries specific to the Language Centre should be directed to the Language Centre Admissions Team: 

Phone the Language Centre Admissions Team: +44 (0)113 343 3251 
Email Language Centre Admissions Team via

For all Language Centre admissions complaints and appeals please contact the Qualifications and Pathways Manager, Jenny Gibbison:

Phone Qualifications and Pathways Manager, Jenny Gibbison: +44 (0)113 343 2403
Email Qualifications and Pathways Manager, Jenny Gibbison via

Version control 

Page published: 4 September 2020
Page last updated: 16 August 2021
Details of any amendments since first published:

The summer pre-sessional Language for Civil Engineering course was added and Language for Postgraduate Research replaced Pre-sessional for your Research Degree.