Confirming your place

Find out what to expect when you receive your exam results. 

We’ve put together some helpful information to help you prepare for your next steps on your journey to university. 

How to check if you have a place  

Most results are sent directly to UCAS from the awarding bodies so you should first log in to UCAS to check if you have been accepted to your firm or insurance choice course. You’ll need your UCAS personal ID to do this, so make sure you have it handy. 

You may need to wait a few days for your status to update if you’ve studied the International Baccalaureate as it doesn’t happen automatically. If you’re studying an international qualification you will need to email your results to us as soon as you receive them.  

If UCAS has not been updated as expected and you are not sure if you have a place, email the admissions team for your course. Contact details can be found in your offer letter or on Coursefinder

Remember that universities are not allowed to tell you your results – you need to receive them from your school or college before you contact us.

When you have your results 

When UCAS has updated there are a couple of scenarios you may see. 

You are accepted into your firm or insurance choice 

This will happen if:  

  • you achieved the required grades for your firm choice  
  • you were holding an offer for your insurance choice and have achieved the required grades, and have not been accepted by your first choice  
  • you were holding an offer from us and narrowly missed the required grades, but we have reviewed your application and would still like to offer you a place 

If UCAS shows that you have been accepted at Leeds, your place has been confirmed and there is no need to contact us.  

You don’t get accepted to your firm or insurance course 

Don’t worry, you still have options.  

Alternative course offer  

If you narrowly missed the offer conditions for your original course, we may offer you an alternative course — you’ll see this when you log into UCAS. If you don’t want to accept this course, you can decline the offer. If you decline the offer and we were your firm choice, you will have a place on your insurance course, providing you met the conditions of the offer. If Leeds was your insurance choice and you decline the alternative course you be placed into Clearing. 

If you want to make changes 

Your next steps will depend on the changes you want to make.  

  • If you want to defer to next year, or you applied for deferred entry but want to come this year: This may be possible, but it will depend on the course you are planning to study. To check if a change of start date is possible, email the relevant admissions team using the contact details on Coursefinder
  • If you want to change to a different course: This will only be possible if the course you want to move to has availability. To check, you should first contact the admissions team for the course you want to move to using the contact details on Coursefinder
  • If you want to change to a different university: It’s important that you speak to the university you want to move to first ensure they can accept you onto a course. Once you have confirmation of a place, you can release yourself into Clearing using the ‘decline your place’ button on UCAS. Do not release yourself into Clearing before you have a confirmed offer otherwise you will be left without a place.  
  • If you decide you no longer want to go to university at all: If you want to withdraw your application, you should get into touch with the admissions team for your course using the contact details on Coursefinder.  

If you want to appeal your results  

If you’re unhappy with one or more of your grades and intend to appeal your result, you should speak to your school or college. Let us know if you do appeal your grades by emailing the admissions team for your course using the contact details on Coursefinder.

If your grades change following your appeal, and you now meet the conditions of your offer, we will hold your place until 7 September 2022 (excluding Medicine and Dentistry, who are operating a deadline of 31st August).

Find out your next steps once you’re accepted at Leeds.