Higher education talks and workshops

Our presentations and interactive workshops for young learners in Year 7 to 13 can be held online, at the University, in schools and colleges and can be adapted to meet your needs.

To book a talk, please email the Education Outreach team on educationoutreach@leeds.ac.uk.

Presentations and workshops

Student life

Suitable for: Year 7 – 13 students

Current undergraduates discuss their personal experiences at Leeds and reflect on their decision-making process and transition to higher education. (Please note that we can only run in-school sessions in Yorkshire and the Humber as our student ambassadors can’t travel outside the local area. However we may be able to arrange a talk online depending on our resources.)

Benefits of higher education (HE)

Suitable for: Year 7 – 11 students

Explores the concept of going to university and the value of a higher education qualification. This session aims to break down barriers and raise pupils’ awareness of, and aspirations to, higher education.

Why choose Leeds?

Suitable for: Year 11 – 13 students

An introduction to the University of Leeds. Students will learn about our courses, facilities, opportunities and the support available for those choosing to study here.

Choosing a course and a university

Suitable for: Year 10 – 12 students

This session explores the tools and methods available for prospective students to make an informed decision about their university and course options.

Choosing post-16 options

Suitable for: Year 10 – 11 students

This session encourages students to think ahead to their university options and prompts them about what to consider when selecting their Level 3 subjects and qualifications.

Applying to competitive courses

Suitable for: Year 10 – 13 students

What is the difference between a popular and a competitive course? We explore the reasons why some courses are more competitive than others, what applications need in order to stand out and also examine the steps admissions tutors take during the selection process.

Applying through UCAS

Suitable for: Year 12 – 13 students

This session aims to familiarise students with the UCAS application process from registration and completing the form, through to tracking applications, handling offers, confirmation and Clearing. Using real examples, we explore the dos and don’ts of writing a personal statement and discuss why the statement forms such a crucial part of the selection process.

Preparing for HE: making the most of Year 12

Suitable for: Year 12 students

We focus on the opportunities available in higher education and what pupils can be doing in Year 12 to prepare themselves for applying to university.

Preparing for HE: transition to university

Suitable for: Year 12 – 13 students

We explore the transition to university and the steps that post-16 pupils can take to prepare for undergraduate study and student life. We highlight the opportunities available to first year university students and discuss possible challenges and solutions.

Interview skills for university

Suitable for: Year 12 – 13 students

This session prepares prospective students for selection interviews. We focus on why universities interview, the different types of interviews, how to prepare and the dos and don’ts on the day. Our interactive workshop enables students to practice mock interview questions and answers.

Choosing accommodation

Suitable for: Year 12 – 13 students

There is a variety of university accommodation available to students. Catered? Self-catered? On or off campus? We explore how to choose and how to apply.

Student finance

Suitable for: Year 11 – Year 13 students

An introduction to student finance including fees, loans, bursaries and scholarships. Our interactive workshops include a budgeting activity and top tips from current students on how to manage money at university.


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