Support for disabled learners

To support you on your own journey into Higher Education (HE) Go Higher West Yorkshire have produced a Disabled Learners’ Higher Education Transition Pack which can be downloaded from the Go Higher West Yorkshire website.

Making decisions about your future has never been easy and there is lots of information out there which can be overwhelming. We hope that this transition pack will help you to easily access information about the timelines, processes and support to enable you to progress into a destination of your choice.

We understand that starting HE is a big step. For many students who have received support or adjustments at school or college the transition to university can be confusing and hard to navigate, not least because the language and terminology used about Special Educational Needs (SEN), disability and support is very different. This can prevent some students from accessing the support they need.

Disability Services at Leeds also provides advice, guidance and support to both current and prospective disabled students. Find out how we can help on the Disability Services webpage.

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