Students into schools

Students into Schools is the University of Leeds’ school placement programme. Since the scheme was launched, more than 6,000 students have worked with local state schools to:

  • support classroom learning
  • act as relatable role models for pupils
  • spark interest in extra-curricular activities

The programme is managed in two complementary strands:

  • Students into Schools modules
  • Students into Schools volunteering

Students into Schools modules

Undergraduate students bring 25–40 hours of learning support alongside expertise in and enthusiasm for the subject they study. Many students are thinking about their career options and use the opportunity as a ‘taster of teaching’. 

Students support through: 

  • Providing classroom assistance
  • Running targeted interventions for exam classes or in literacy and numeracy 
  • Developing teaching resources 

The programme is flexible – link teachers and placement students work together to create a placement programme that works for both school and student. 

Students into Schools volunteering

Volunteering opportunities are varied and can be designed to meet the specific needs of each school. In previous years students have volunteered as mentors, run after-school activities, and provided EAL support. 

Societies into Schools volunteering sees student societies from Leeds University Union (LUU) bring their passion and excitement into local schools, running assemblies, workshops and extra-curricular activities. These range from sustainability to entrepreneurship, from languages to music workshops and sports after school clubs.  

Get involved

If you would like to be involved with the programme, have any questions, or have a specific project that you would like to collaborate on then please complete our Students into Schools form or email the Students into Schools team at

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