International students

Every year more than 12,000 international students choose to study with us, making our campus one of the most diverse and multicultural in the UK.  Welcome to our global community of students and staff at Leeds.

As part of our international welcome we’re offering enhanced travel, arrival and self-isolation support, as well as information to answer your questions about Covid-19 requirements and safety measures. You’ll also find a friendly welcome at our global community social and orientation activities.  

Here’s some key information you’ll need to help you prepare, arrive and settle in.  

Your visa   

Your visa

If you require a visa to study in the UK, it’s essential to allow plenty of time to find out what you need to do, apply for the correct visa, or make any changes needed (if you need to extend your visa or your circumstances change). 

If you’re a new student, check this visas and immigration guidance.

If you’re a student who needs to extend or make a change to your visa, visit the your visa page.  

It’s also important that you’re aware of the responsibilities you must comply with to maintain your permission to study in the UK.   

Your confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS)  

Our admissions team will email your CAS to you after you have accepted your unconditional offer. If you are a Masters student it will be issued after you have paid your tuition fee deposit or provided your exemption evidence (for sponsored students).  ​​​​​

Applying for your visa   

Make sure you follow the right steps when you apply for your visa by reading our visas and immigration information:  

Collecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) 

Please read the BRP collection guidance to find out how to collect your BRP. Please note that you should complete any period of self-isolation required before making the collection.

 Police registration 

If your visa, BRP or decision letter tells you to register with the police, find out what you need to do.

Travel and arrival

Travelling to Leeds    

Our travel information section helps identify what you need to do before you leave home as well as outlining the different ways to travel to Leeds.   

Planning your arrival  

If your arrival will be delayed due to reasons related to COVID-19, you will need to get official permission from us to start your studies online via the student late arrival request form. Please note that you will need to have activated your University of Leeds IT account in order to complete this form. To set yours up, visit the my password page. Please also check our page on remote study and your student visa.

To make sure your travel and arrival go smoothly read this essential arrival information. Complete the international arrivals form to tell us your arrival date and book arrival services so we can support you as soon as you arrive.  

Our welcome teams offer transport from local airports and a welcome food box for your first few days. You can also pre-order kitchen equipment and bedding, so you have what you need when you arrive.

COVID-19 travel, quarantine and safety requirements  

Make sure you keep checking the latest UK government requirements for students travelling from outside the UK.   

When you arrive in Leeds check the Covid-19 safety guidance from the University and your accommodation provider which you’ll need to follow even if you’ve been vaccinated. This may be different from the safety guidance you are used to.  

Support for self-isolating 

What to bring checklist 

Our what to bring checklist highlights the most important items that you need when starting university. 

Your finances 

Budgeting and cost of living  

Check information about the cost of living in Leeds and make sure you’ll have enough money for your time here. Part-time job opportunities have reduced  because of the Covid-19 pandemic so we recommend you don’t rely on having income from working.

Paying your fees 

Find out how to pay your fees safely with an online card payment or by using Flywire to pay by bank transfer. Don’t use third party agents to transfer payments to the University as this significantly increases your risk of being exposed to financial crime.

Protect yourself from fraud 

Each year some international students are tricked by criminals pretending to be from an official authority in the UK or their home country, and they lose significant amounts of money. Check our guidance on protecting yourself from fraud

Money for when you arrive 

It may take some time to open a UK bank account, but we recommend you only bring a small amount of cash with you, so make sure you have access to money when you first arrive. 

Opening a bank account 

Read our information on how to open an account and find out about some of the different bank accounts available for international students. 

Health care in the UK 

Your health entitlements and health insurance 

Find out about health care in the UK to find out what’s different to what you’re used to, what healthcare will be free and what you may need to pay for. All international students are strongly recommended to take out health insurance, but this is also essential if you have a visa for less than 6 months. 

Help and advice 

There’s lots of support available and people to contact for help and advice.


The latest information from the University with regards to Covid-19 can be found via our dedicated coronavirus website.

Working during study 

Your visa and working 

If you have a visa you must check whether your visa allows you to work during study before you apply for a job. You must also check the number of hours per week allowed and the types of work which are allowed. It is essential to understand the work restrictions as breaking the rules is a criminal offence.

Part-time work and applying for a national insurance number 

Leeds University Union’s Joblink service can help you find student-friendly employers. To work you will need to apply for a national insurance number,

Help, support and advice    

Student Visa Advice service   

Our advisers provide student visa and immigration advice to support you when you’re preparing to come to Leeds and during your studies. Check with the advisers if you have questions about your visa; or other immigration issues such as rules for working or work placements; or if you plan to make any change to your course or period of study, so you understand the impact on your immigration status.  

Link to Leeds  

Talk to our current students to help you prepare for your studies at Leeds through Link to Leeds. Our ambassadors have written a range of blogs about their experience studying with us and you can contact them via email, attend live events or chat to them via the website.

Pre-departure briefings 

We hold informative online briefing sessions for international students to help you prepare for your time at Leeds. Invitations to these events will be sent to you via email but you can find out more information via Link to Leeds where you can also attend a Q&A session

Overseas offices 

We have overseas offices in China, India, Japan, Malaysia and Nigeria that can offer you advice and help with your preparation to study at Leeds. 

International welcome teams

Our welcome teams can help answer your questions about your preparation, travel and arrival and are here to welcome you when you arrive. We will be in contact with you about any arrival support services you book through the international arrivals form.

International orientation  

Our international orientation will welcome you to our global community and guide you through information and opportunities to help you get started and make the most of your time at Leeds.  

Global community activities

Global community activities online and on campus offer opportunities to connect with our global community and our local Leeds community for intercultural experiences. Meet up weekly at Global Café online or in person.

English language support 

We provide free English language workshops and consultations that  you can fit around your studies to help you develop your academic language skills during your degree. Our Language Zone also has resources and activities for practising and developing English for everyday life as well as academic situations.

Feeling at home in Leeds

Hear about other students’ experiences and explore reflective activities which will help you find support, discover opportunities and feel at home in Leeds.