Are you excited about your research career at Leeds and want to be more innovative but don’t know where to start?  Do you wish to grow your reputation for the application, translation and impact of your research beyond the academic arena? Do you have a new idea you would like to explore, such as a new venture, service, research, or external partnership? 

The Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship Programme can help you to contribute to the strategic direction of research and innovation within your faculty, delivering impact through your research on society, policy and business, furthering your personal development. You will become part of a wider academic and professional community, making contributions to the Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship alumni network to facilitate discussion or application of research developments.  

Participant benefits:

Connections that matter 

  • You will have the opportunity to share ideas with like-minded academics from other disciplines, who may be at a similar stage of their research journey or have experience that you can draw upon.
  • You will build long-lasting cross-disciplinary relationships with academic colleagues, developing trusted networks of individuals who may engage in collaborative research, innovation and knowledge exchange, making the way for more increased-multidisciplinary research proposals.
  • You will expand your external networks by engaging with industry experts, paving the way for further business and academic collaborations.
  • You will meet colleagues from across the University who will be able to offer further support and guidance with your innovation practice and in your research career.

Prestigious fellowship

  • In becoming a Michael Beverley Innovation Fellow and receiving between £5,000-£10,000 of funding depending on needs, you will raise your profile within the academic arena, proving your ability to obtain the necessary resources to successfully undertake research activity and subsequently, putting you on the trajectory for future research and innovation leadership roles within the University.
  • You will become part of a select community of Fellows who will be able to develop successful relationships and create impactful projects, for the benefit of society and business.

Knowledge enhancement

  • You will be provided with the tools, techniques, and methodologies to disrupt your traditional way of thinking and will be supported in incorporating impact in the early development of your research proposals.
  • You will be shown how to pitch your research to business experts, to take an idea from concept to reality.
  • You will be guided in your understanding of how to gain research grants and develop REF impact case studies. 
  • You will gain insights on support and opportunities available for research projects within the University and externally.

Access to experts

  • You will have access to an inspiring network of trusted business experts, senior academics and University of Leeds alumni, through our Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based mentoring programme.  Through a customised approach, they will guide you in becoming more commercially aware, and support you in the translation and implementation of your research.
  • You will hear from inspirational high-profile speakers from business as well as from across the University of Leeds community who can support your journey, and from experts from different institutions who can provide further help and guidance. 

Ongoing support

  • During the programme, you will attend a bi-monthly networking group that will provide peer learning and support. You will also have three dedicated mentors for 12 months covering the duration of the programme and the early stages of implementing your agreed research plan.
  • You will be supported with open-access online resources, housing information related to pursuing innovations as a result of research, case studies and recordings of talks, amongst other items.
  • Throughout the programme, you will have complimentary Nexus Community Membership which includes benefits such as access to member events and use of the business lounge.
  • Upon completion of the programme, you will have the opportunity to become a mentor for future Michael Beverley Innovation Fellows, providing support to colleagues, helping them to develop their research ideas.
  • Following on from the programme, you will be invited to attend a series of innovation networking events and continue to receive support from your Leeds network and support services.

This programme will be of particular interest to colleagues in the earlier stages of their research career, up to approximately 10 years after completing their PhD.

Please note: due to the time commitment required, you will need to obtain Head of School sign-off for your participation in the programme, and where necessary, support for time away from work commitments to ensure that you have the freedom to fully engage with the programme.

Applications for Cohort 2 will open in spring 2021, with the programme starting September 2021. 

Register your interest in the Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship Programme, and find out more about the programme structure and dates.

For more information about this programme please contact Eva Murphy (Programme Coordinator) at