Many academic schools or departments have specific requirements for incoming study abroad and exchange students who want to enrol on their modules. Before researching the module catalogue please look through the list below to make sure you are eligible to take modules in those schools.

Leeds University Business School (LUBS)

Leeds University Business School has specific information for study abroad students who want to study its modules.

Dentistry (DSUR)

These modules are only available for students on specific Dentistry exchange programmes.

School of Design (DESN)

There are strict guidelines for any students wanting to study non discovery modules in the School of Design:

  • you must have at least one year's experience of studying Design in your home university and your degree or major should correspond to one of the following programmes: Graphic Design and Communication, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design or Art and Design
  • you will be asked to supply a pdf portfolio of more than five images no larger than 15 megabytes for studio/ practical Design modules.
  • when studying at Leeds you need to take at least half of your credits in the School of Design (30 Leeds credits for one semester, 60 Leeds credits for the full year)

English (ENGL)

The School of English has specific information for study abroad students who want to study its modules.

Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies (ARTF and CULT)

To apply for any Studio Art modules you need to include a portfolio of recent work, containing a maximum of five to ten images in analogue, digital format or online. No portfolio is required for Art History or Cultural Studies modules.

Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA)

Rather than being taught across the full semester, IDEA modules are taught in more intense teaching sessions over fewer weeks. Sessions are run weekly on a set day, either morning or afternoon. For this reason, it will be very important for you to check that they fit in with the rest of your module timetable. Please note, IDEA module marks will not be released until November. Therefore any IDEA module marks will not be included in the transcript issued in July. They will instead be issued in late November/ early December.

Language Centre English language modules (ELU)

The Language Centre offers English language modules to non native speakers studying at the University. You can find more information about the two English for Communication modules (ELU1002 and ELU1003), and two English for Academic Study modules (ELU2002 and ELU2003) on the Language Centre website

Languages Cultures and Societies (ARAB, EAST, FREN, GERM, ITAL, MODL, SLAV, SPPO)

University of Leeds students studying languages in the School of Languages Cultures and Societies are studying the language at degree level. If you wish to be accepted onto any ARAB, EAST, FREN, GERM, ITAL, SLAV or SPPO language module that is not beginner’s level, you must complete the foreign language questionnaire. This questionnaire must be sent to the Study Abroad Office with your other supporting documents.

Languages for all (FLTU language modules)

Languages for All gives you the chance to improve your practical language skills and develop your cultural awareness. It may be that you want to study a language that is completely new to you or continue a language that you've studied before - Languages for All offers up to five language levels from complete beginners to advanced - that allow you to challenge yourself and broaden your intellectual, creative and cultural horizons. To enrol on a Languages for All module, you need to first read the framework guide and complete the module questionnaire. The questionnaire should be uploaded to your online application with your other supporting documents.

Leeds Skills Elective (LEED)

LEED modules are all discovery modules that give you an opportunity to learn new skills and get involved in outdoor and group activities.

Media and Communication (COMM)

Level one module enrolment requests will not be considered until mid August. The school will get in touch with students to confirm if they have been successful with their level one module requests shortly before the start of semester.

Music (MUSS)

The School of Music has specific information for study abroad students who want to study its modules.