Centre for immersive technologies profiles

Name Profile information
Avoiding the health problems caused by traditional computers Can virtual reality provide a solution?
Dental simulation training Using data to support student training
Designing ideal cities Using technology to design the cities of the future
Driving road safety in London Working with Transport for London
Enhancing surgical practice Using virtual reality to improve surgery
Immersive healthcare training Helping recruit the next generation of health professionals
The importance of human-centred design Exploring risks to children from VR headsets
Three Principles for Progress report How virtual, augmented and extended reality can be used to overcome the challenges faced in healthcare following the pandemic.
Unity tools for behavioural experimentation Making VR experiments more efficient
Using virtual reality to train medical professionals Virtual histopathology laboratory
Using technology to engage with history Engaging with concentration camp memorial sites
Using VR to inspire action on climate change The Reality of Climate Change school project