Preparation and arrival

This page includes important information that will help you prepare to study abroad at Leeds, such as visas, accommodation and what happens when you arrive.

Key dates

At Leeds, we have two semesters that are taught over three terms.

For the first semester starting in September, welcome and arrival activity will begin two weeks before the start of teaching. For the second semester starting in January, welcome and arrival activity will begin the week before teaching starts.

You can find exam dates on the academic calendar and see when you receive your transcript on the exams and transcripts page. 


We guarantee University accommodation for international students if the accommodation application deadline is met. After you have received an offer letter and your University of Leeds ID number, you must apply for accommodation directly with the accommodation office and meet their application deadlines:

  • September arrival: apply by 1 July.  
  • January arrival: apply by 1 December.

If you will be studying at Leeds for semester 1 only, we will offer you an accommodation contract that finishes during the middle of the January exam period. When the exam timetable has been published, you can contact the accommodation office to apply to extend your contract if you need to include any additional time up until the end of the semester.

If you will be studying at Leeds for semester 2 only, you will be arriving during our semester 1 examination period. This means that you may not be able to move into your room straight away. If this is the case, we will offer you temporary accommodation when you first arrive while your room is prepared.

Immigration and visa advice

It is important that you think about immigration before you make any travel plans. Learn more about visas for study abroad, exchange and summer school programmes.

If you are studying for a single semester and wish to apply for a Student visa, you will need to request a CAS number by emailing the Study Abroad Office via

If you are studying for a full year, you will receive a CAS automatically and you do not need to request this. 

Preparing to study with us

If you are an incoming study abroad student starting in January 2023, aim to arrive on 28 January in time to attend an international orientation and your school induction. We will email you before you arrive with further information about specific dates and times of the orientation activities.

Use our preparing for Leeds pages to help you plan your journey to Leeds and read our registration guide for information on the official process of becoming a student at the University. 

We also have a welcome guide for international students to guide you through the first few days of settling in.