The Global Food and Environment Institute tackles the urgent demand for secure food supplies. Finding solutions that feed the world and protect global environmental resources is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Resources are under tremendous pressure from intensifying land use and climate change. We need healthy soil, water and biodiversity to help feed future generations.

We seek solutions that last. Our aim is to ensure reliable supplies of healthy and nutritious food now, and to find a safe path for future generations. Our approach to research is radical. We prioritise the needs of the public and businesses and design solutions together. We act with them across research, policy and practice to find practical solutions quickly.

The University continues to invest in new academic staff, student education and facilities. Our commercial farm hosts a combined smart farm and terrestrial observatory. We are helping to develop a new MSc Sustainable Food Systems course. Our capabilities span teaching, postgraduate training, research, professional development and commercial and policy innovation. We engage with influential partners worldwide to create advances in research, policy and business.