Food and Agriculture awards

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) are celebrating the exceptional work of staff and students that aligns with the goals of our Institute through a series of awards:

  • Best Paper award
  • Best Figure or Graphic award
  • Biggest Societal Impact award
  • Mission of the Institute award
  • Rising Star award

The criteria for each award can be found under the 'Awards criteria' section of this page. 

GFEI goals

We envisage a radically different global food system which works with nature and provides everybody with access to safe and nutritious food.

Our aim is to develop enduring solutions that help bring about transformative change to create a food system that is socially-just, climate-smart and goes beyond sustainability; able to adapt vigorously to enhance the future habitability of our planet. 

You can find more information about our goals on the GFEI website.

GFEI themes

The GFEI focuses its research around 4 core themes:

  1. Agriculture and environment
  2. Food in the Global South
  3. AgriFood supply chains
  4. Urban food systems

How to make a nomination

Nominations are open from midnight on Monday 31 May to midnight on Friday 9 July 2021

Please pay careful attention to the prize criteria and email your submissions to before the deadline. 

Please include the subject line ‘GFEI Awards 2021 Nomination – [NAME]’ and don’t forget to attach supporting evidence such as photos, videos, voice recordings or other media detailing your project.

Awards criteria 

Best Paper award

We are looking for the most exciting research paper in food and agriculture published since January 2019.

The paper needs to demonstrate an outstanding breakthrough in food and agriculture science within any of the four GFEI themes.

Please submit the paper along with a 300-word description of why this is a groundbreaking piece of research.

This award is open to all University of Leeds staff and students.

Best Figure or Graphic award

This award celebrates the best figure or graphic in Food and Agriculture within the four GFEI themes that explains complex information in an accessible and inviting way.

This could be a graph, info-gram or diagram explaining a concept, results of research or process.

Please submit the figure along with a description of the figure and when and where it has been presented.

This award is open to all University of Leeds staff and students.

Biggest Societal Impact award

This award celebrates those who have been working to create change within society.

Have you been working with central or local government to create change? Produced a policy brief? Worked with a local community group to affect change in a local area? Worked with a network to improve processes in the food system?

We want to hear about these achievements.

Please submit a half page description of the work along with any attachments to support the statement.

This award is open to all University of Leeds staff and students.

Mission of the Institute award

This award is for the person or group that has best supported the mission of the Institute to improve food systems.

Please submit a half page description about the activity that supported the GFEI aim listed in the GFEI goals section of this page.

This award is open to all University of Leeds staff and students.

Rising Star award

This award is open to ECRs demonstrating outstanding contributions (holding an event, body of work, webinar, presentation or paper) within the four GFEI themes.

ECRs are PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who are within eight years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training, or are within six years of their first academic appointment. These durations exclude any career break periods.

Please submit a one-page academic CV outlining your key achievements to date that demonstrate a significant contribution to your selected theme in the areas of research, impact, policy engagement or innovation.

There will be four winners under this category (one related to each theme). Each winner will be invited to deliver a 10-minute talk on their research as part of the GFEI Symposium on Wednesday 22 September 2021.

The panel

The panel responsible for shortlisting will be our Executive group. The shortlist will then be independently judged by an external panel who will select the winners.


We will contact the winners via email within a few weeks of the closing date.