Significant investment into facilities is sparking international collaborations and attracting funding. Our research groups and facilities enable industry-led research and innovation.

The University farm will provide commercially relevant agricultural, ecological, earth and environmental research. It is being developed as a digitally-connected smart farm and terrestrial observatory.

Our Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) is one of Innovate UK’s Centres for Agricultural Innovation, CIEL is focused on improving animal nutrition for better animal welfare and increased productivity. We host the centre's £10m pig research unit.

The Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences is a diverse institute for atmospheric research, making fundamental advances in our understanding of climate change, weather, atmospheric composition, palaeo-climates, and impacts on our planet and society.

The Centre for Plant Sciences includes research into plant genetics and the molecular mechanisms plants use to convert sunlight into food – and how that can be harnessed and put to use, and has significant experience in root biology and how roots affect soil structure and health.

Water@Leeds contributes substantial expertise to areas such as improving water management in agriculture areas and predicting the effects of climate change on water availability.

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics specialises in big data collection and analysis and has developed state of the art physical and IT infrastructures to deliver high quality data, access, protection and exploitation.

Our Sustainability Research Institute provides expertise in environmental social science

Leeds School of Food Science and Nutrition conducts fundamental research to understand the mechanisms by which food and its components impact our health. The school develops innovative research toincrease food availability throughout the year, improving food safety and security, and nutritional health.

The School of Law is one of the UK’s leading law schools, ranked 8th in the UK in the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide.

The Human Appetite Research Unit investigates aspects of nutrition from a whole lifespan perspective.