Join our membership scheme and access opportunities to collaborate in tackling 21st century global challenges of feeding the world and protecting environmental resources.

You can become a member if you are a researcher or have an interest in a relevant field and are from the University of Leeds, another university or industry.

Benefits of becoming a Global Food and Environment Institute member:

  • Build your professional profile and be associated with an internationally-leading institute 
  • Network, collaborate and socialise with food and environmental researchers 
  • Access our networks spanning business, government and academia
  • Invitations to our meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Receive updates about recent publications, funding and employment opportunities
  • Apply for seed funding to encourage new research strengths
  • Receive dedicated support for research funding proposals
  • Enhance personal development through training, knowledge and skills sharing
  • Where resources permit, access dedicated communications support to promote and translate research to fellow academics and stakeholders, including policymakers
  • Contribute to setting the strategic direction of the Global Food and Environment Institute for the benefit of its members and to continue to raise public awareness of global food challenges. 

Our four membership categories:

  1. Member - if your research/interest falls directly within at least one of the research themes.
  2. Student Member – if you are a PhD or Masters student working within at least one of the research themes.
  3. Associate Member - if your research/interest does not fall directly within one of the research themes but you work closely with those who do.
  4. Affiliate Member - if you are from outside the University of Leeds e.g. from industry or other universities.


If you would like to become a member of the Global Food and Environment Institute, complete our membership form.

If you would like more information on joining, please email us: