Postgraduate research pre-sessional English  Summer courses

Improve your academic English with a 10 or 6 week summer course. 

You'll learn how to use academic English that specifically prepares you for research, using material from your degree subject area. 

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Summer courses in 2024

Frequently asked questions 

Which English language certificates do you accept?  

We accept a range of English language certificates for entry to our pre-sessional courses. Find out more about which English language certificates we accept.  
Please carefully consider which test you take, as it may affect the type of visa you are eligible to apply for. The Language Centre normally recommends a Secure English Language Test (SELT). Read more about visas.   

Can I combine scores from more than one English language test to meet the pre-sessional entry requirements?   

No, the entry requirements must be met through your most recent English language qualification, or via your most recent IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test and One Skill Retake. 

Do I need to retake an English language qualification following the pre-sessional?   

No, you won’t need to retake another English language test if you successfully complete the pre-sessional.

Can I submit an application without an English language qualification?  

Yes, you can submit an application without an English language qualification, but you’ll need to provide an eligible qualification before the relevant deadline.   

How long will the results of the pre-sessional course be valid for?  

Our pre-sessional course result is valid for two years from the date of completion.  

Please be aware that English language requirements for our courses are subject to a yearly review, and you may be asked to provide further English language qualifications to meet the requirements of your degree course.

How do I apply? 

If you know which course you want to apply for, you can apply via the application portal.  

To find out which course you need and to apply, use the entry requirements on this page to find the right course option for you. Select your preferred course to see course information, fees and to apply.  

My degree course is unconditional. Can I apply for this pre-sessional course?  

Yes, you can study a pre-sessional course even if you meet the English language requirements of your degree. A pre-sessional course will help you develop your skills, get used to academic study in the UK, and settle into Leeds.

Can I change from the 10 to the 6 week pre-sessional if I provide a new English language qualification?  

Yes, if your new English language qualification meets the entry requirements for the 6 week course and there are places on the course. You’ll need to meet the deadlines for both courses.   

Can I study the longer 10 week pre-sessional even if I am eligible for the 6 week course?  

Yes, if you feel you would benefit from studying a longer duration course, you can study the 10 week course.  

When will I receive a response to my application?  

We'll contact you about your pre-sessional application shortly after we receive it.

I’m applying for an on-campus pre-sessional course. What type of CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) will I receive, and when will I receive it? 

Types of CAS 

I have an unconditional offer for a research degree    

You’ll receive a combined CAS that includes your pre-sessional English course and your research degree. 

I have a conditional research degree offer, or I haven't received my research degree offer yet   

If you have a Secure English Language Test (SELT) certificate, you’ll receive a CAS for your pre-sessional course only.   

If you don’t have a SELT, you may be eligible to study the pre-sessional course on a Visitor visa. 

Read more about visas for Language Centre students.  

When you’ll receive your CAS  

We’ll issue your CAS as soon as we can after you have supplied all necessary data (eg passport details). You don’t need to contact us to request a CAS. 

I’m applying for the online 6 week pre-sessional course. What type of CAS will I receive, and when will I receive it?  

You will receive a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) for your degree programme after successful completion of your pre-sessional course is confirmed. This will be after the end date of your pre-sessional course. You won’t receive a CAS for the pre-sessional course.

Do I need to pay a tuition fee deposit?   

You don’t need to pay a tuition fee deposit for your pre-sessional course.

Can I defer my summer pre-sessional course?    

If you hold an offer to join us in summer 2024, you cannot request a deferral of your offer, however, you can re-apply via your applicant portal for another start date.

Can I start the on-campus summer course online if my visa application is delayed?  

No, there will be no option to start online for the on-campus course. If you cannot arrive in time for the on-campus pre-sessional, you should email the Language Centre at 

Academic year courses 

If you want to study during the academic year, we offer Masters pre-sessional courses starting in September/October or January. Visit our academic year courses page for more information. 

Further information 

If you have any further questions, please email the Language Centre via