The Clothworkers' Company

The Clothworkers’ Company and the University of Leeds have a rich history dating back to the foundation of the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874. 

The Clothworkers’ Company, founded in 1528, is one of the ‘Great Twelve Livery Companies’ of the City of London, with the original aim of promoting the craft of clothworking, supervising the training of apprentices and welfare of members, and protecting standards of workmanship.   

Clothworkers’ Company is one of the largest private-sector supporters of textiles in the UK and was instrumental in the founding, in 1874, of the Yorkshire College of Science, which went on to become the University of Leeds in 1904.

In addition to creating the buildings in Leeds where textile and colour activities continue today, The Clothworkers’ Company has long supported student scholarships at Leeds, cutting-edge research and innovation, as well as the conservation of textile heritage and craft – fulfilling its modern philanthropic mission to support the British textiles industry (and related fields) by funding research, education, skills development and training. 

The formation of LITAC is the result of a significant co-investment by The Clothworkers’ Company and the University of Leeds.