LITAC Director meets with Princess of Wales

This week, the Princess of Wales visited textiles manufacturers in Leeds and Lancaster to learn more about the heritage, history and innovation of the textiles industry, the technical processes involved and how vital the sector is to the UK economy.

We are proud to announce that the Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour (LITAC) Director, Professor Stephen Russell, was chosen specifically to meet with the Princess as part of this informative royal visit, chosen for his wealth of expertise in the area of textiles innovation and circularity.

Specifically, the Princess heard about how the industry is transforming to place emphasis on sustainable practices as well as how it is working with academic institutions to educate and upskill young people.

Starting her day in Leeds, the Princess visited long-time LITAC collaborators, AW Hainsworth, which, in 1958, bought William Lupton & Co, a mill that was owned by the Princess’ great-great grandfather.

Today, AW Hainsworth is proud to hold a Royal Warrant and its fabrics were on display during the Coronations of both Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and His Majesty The King earlier this year.

During her time at AW Hainsworth, Her Royal Highness met with Professor Russell to discuss the importance of innovation in the textiles industry as it looks to the future.

Published: 29 September 2023