Partner with us

Research outcomes can have substantial impact when delivered in effective partnership with people and organisations beyond academia.

Partnership with external organisations is critical to the relevance, quality and impact of mental health research at regional, national and international levels. 

Organisations external to the University are warmly invited to join the Network. We highly value the critical contribution of external partners to research quality, relevance and impact. You will benefit from:

  • Sharing your knowledge with the research community for impact and collaboration
  • Championing the mental health issues or populations that matter to you so they are included in research 
  • Easier ways to understand and find the University’s multi-disciplinary expertise and activity around mental health challenges
  • Focused events to make connections and discuss your research needs 
  • Support in understanding how research could benefit your organisation 
  • Access to consultancy options for time-limited projects

Pooling disciplinary expertise into interdisciplinary spaces give researchers new perspectives which unstifle us from limited ways of understanding and addressing mental health challenges.

Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Network Co-Lead

How to partner with our network

Email us for further details about creating a partnership, or to sign up to our newsletter and receive information about upcoming events and opportunities.